Prophecy #713

Prophetic Message
713 from Jesus Christ:

Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love
you, love your family and friends, and does take
care of you and of them.
Praises to Our God.
Yes, your God is a wonderful God, a holy
God, a righteous God, a loving God, a forgiving
and a giving God.
Yes, your Father God does forgive people of
their sins, iniquities, and transgressions when they turn away from their sins, turn to God, come out of ALL of their sinful lifestyle, and live for God.
Yes, Our God has many, many, many blessings laid up for each of mankind when they know God, love God with their total being, and when they LIVE for God.
Doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach you to seek God first above all else and seek God’s righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you? (Matthew 6:33)
Yes, Our God will withhold no good things from those who do walk righteously. (Psalm 84:11)
Yes, Our God IS a
loving God and a giving God, showering down mighty benefits on those who love God and obey God, showering down so many benefits on them
that there is not enough room to receive all of them.
Yes, your God can do
the impossible for you.
God can open doors of opportunity for you that
no man can open.
God can close doors
of harm from you that no man can close.
Do trust YOUR Holy Triune God to lead you,
to feed you, and to protect you at ALL times.
Yes, your God knows ALL your ways, and your God is able to make ALL your ways prosperous.
Doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach you in Psalm 1 that if you abide in your Bible day and night and live for God that Our God will prosper whatever you put your hands to? (Psalm 1:1-3)
Yes, it is an easy thing for Our God to prosper you in ALL your ways
when you know God, love God, live for God, and busy yourself with your God-given abilities.
Yes, Our God will prosper Our God’s children when they do live by Our God’s guidelines as given in Our God’s Holy Bible.
Yes, the nation whose God is the Lord is blessed. (Psalm 33:12)
Yes, America has been blessed in the past as the wealthiest nation on earth
as America’s God has been the Lord God.
Now America is drifting away from God and is now becoming more and more corrupt.
Yes, now Our God must begin withholding Our God’s benefits from these wicked Americas, as many of America’s leaders do not honor Jesus and Father
God and Our God’s Holy Spirit as the true God.
Many of America’s leaders lie and steal and lead corrupt lives and are leading Our God’s people away from God.
Yes, America MUST be brought back to the true God of Jesus Christ, or it will become more corrupt and will decay from within and will be punished from without.
Yes, when the Americans no longer honor God as the rightful head of this nation, Our God can and will withdraw Our God’s hand of protection from America, and America can be destroyed within minutes.
Yes, these wicked Americans must get right with God and must stay right with God, or they
can be destroyed within minutes.
Yes, times are now hard on earth.
Yes, times will get even harder on earth.
Yes, Christians must stay prayed up and stay fasted up to withstand these evil times that are fixing to come on these wicked Americas.
Yes, when corruption of the people reaches its full capacity, Our God will act.
Yes, Our God has the power to save America,
and Our God has the
power to allow the enemies of America to destroy America.
Yes, if Our God could have found ten righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah, Our God would not have destroyed these cities. (Genesis 18:32)
Yes, the righteous children of God in America and their prayers to God
for America are the only things that are holding
back the wrath of God
from destroying America.
Yes, God has mercy on America.
Yes, God’s patience is wearing thin on these wicked Americas.
Yes, Our God will not always strive with these wicked Americas.
Yes, in Noah’s time, the whole world became so wicked that Our God had to destroy all but one family of eight people with the flood that covered the earth for nearly a year.
Yes, Our God is quite able to preserve the righteous and destroy the wicked again, not with a flood, but with fire.
Do warn the wicked who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior to come to Jesus, ask for forgiveness of their unrighteousness, come out of sin, live for God on a daily and nightly basis, and be safe from all harm in Jesus.
Yes, prayer in the name of Jesus is the strongest force on earth today.
Do call out to YOUR God in the name of Jesus, and do ask for provisions and ask for protection, and they will be given to you, when you honor God first in your life and live for God.
Know Our God’s promises to you in Our God’s Holy Bible.
Claim Our God’s promises to you.
Live by Our God’s promises to you.
Every word of Our God’s Holy Bible is true.
Believe Our God’s Bible to you.
Obey Our God’s teachings for you in Our God’s Holy Bible.
Trust Our God’s provisions and protection for you.
Yes, Our God Jesus comes quickly.
Praises to Our God.