Prophecy #714

Prophetic Message
714 from Father God:

Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you, love your family and friends, and Our God does take care of you and them.
Yes, your heavenly Father God is a loving God, a merciful God, a kind God, a generous God, a powerful God, and a God without beginning and without ending.
Yes, mankind cannot fathom the riches of God, the love of God, and the power of God.
Yes, YOUR God is able to do exceedingly abun-dantly above ALL you can ask and above ALL you can even think. (Ephesians 3:20)
Yes, your God does have abundant riches laid up in heaven and on earth for each and for all of Our God’s mankind who do know God, love God, obey God, and who live for God.
How do you live for God?
You begin by knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior from your sins.
If you have not yet done so, just lift your hand up to Jesus and say, “Forgive me of my sins and be Lord of my life,” then do come out of all known sin in your life and live for God.
Do love God above all else, and do love others as you do love yourself.
When you love God with your total being and love others as you love yourself, you will want to obey Our God’s Ten Commandments as given in Our God’s Holy Bible.
Yes, Jesus came to earth and did give you a good example of how you can live for God, by worshipping God, by teaching others about God, by helping the helpless, and by giving of His time and energy to comfort others and heal the sick and blind, to raise the dead, to set prisoners free, to cast out demons, and proclaim the way to His Father God and the way
to eternal life in heaven.
Yes, didn’t Jesus say that you would do even greater works than these if you abide in Jesus and Jesus abides in you? (John 14:12)
Didn’t Jesus also say that apart from Jesus, you can do nothing? (John 15:5)
Yes, you can do nothing apart from Jesus, but by abiding in Jesus you can do all things which strengthens you. (Philippians 4:13)
Yes, Jesus is your ONLY good answer to salvation,
to physical healing, to mental, emotional, and financial healing, to all
your successes in all your honest endeavors.
Yes, Jesus is your ONLY good and righteous answer to all your problems and all your dilemmas on earth.
Trust Jesus to MAKE a way where there is no way for you to be successful, for you to be victorious in your daily and nightly living.
Do tithe your way out of debt.
Do look around you and see people with special needs and do help them when you are able to help them.
You cannot out give God.
God will return to you more than double what you give to help the helpless, and what you give to spread the gospel of Jesus worldwide.
Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that Our God loves a cheerful giver? (2 Corinthians 9:7)
Yes, Our God sees you when you are kind to others, when you lend a helping hand to others, when you do good works to help others to Our God’s glory, and Our God does reward you with the same kind of help when you need it.
If you are physically ill, do pray for others who are physically ill, and Our God will work to heal you both.
YES, you ARE your brother’s keeper.
Yes, when your enemy does come against you, do be kind to them, pray for them, and watch Our God burn the evil from them.
Give to those who ask you.
Be kind and be generous to all you meet, and Our God will be kind and generous to you.
Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God never slumbers nor sleeps, and your heavenly Father God continually watches your life to REWARD you for loving God and for loving and helping others by your prayers and your gifts and your loving concern for them.
Yes, do be a friend to
the friendless and to the unlovely, as every person alive is made in Our God’s image, and Our God does love everyone equally.
Yes, Jesus touched the “untouchable” lepers and healed them.
Yes, Jesus befriended the unpopular tax collectors
and prostitutes and outcasts.
Yes, Jesus treated everyone with fairness and with dignity.
Yes, Jesus scolded the liars, deceivers, and people who harmed others.
Yes, Jesus taught the ones who hungered and thirsted after God.
Yes, Jesus trained His disciples to have mercy on the sick and helpless, to heal them and teach everyone how to know Jesus, be saved in Jesus, know God, know how to have abundant life on earth, and how to have eternal life in heaven.
Yes, Jesus went about doing good to ALL people and taught His followers to go and do likewise.
Yes, didn’t Jesus say that to be His follower you must lose your life for His sake to find it? (Matthew 16:25)
Didn’t Jesus also say to lay up your treasures in heaven where moths and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break through and steal? (Matthew 6:19-21
Yes, your treasures you lay up in heaven will ALWAYS endure.
Yes, when you help the helpless with love to the glory of God, you lay up treasure in heaven.
When you give to promote the gospel, you
lay up treasure in heaven.
When you obey God as given in Our God’s Holy Bible, you lay up treasure
in heaven.
When you witness for Jesus on earth, you lay up treasure in heaven.
Do love God with your total being, and do love others as you do love yourself, and you will
be greatly rewarded by YOUR God both on earth and in heaven.
Praises to Our God.