Prophecy #717

Prophetic Message
717 from Jesus Christ:

Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you, love your family and friends, and your heavenly Father God does take care of you and them.
Yes, your heavenly Father God IS a God of love and a God of mercy.
Yes, your Holy Triune God does have love and mercy on ALL of Our God’s creations, all of mankind, all the animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, and trees.
It does grieve Our God when any of Our God’s creations are needlessly harmed.
Yes, it does grieve Our Holy Triune God when one of mankind harms another of mankind, and when nation rises against another nation to harm them for whatever reasons.
Yes, you ARE your brother’s keeper.
Yes, do show forth great love, great mercy, and great kindness for your fellow man, and your God WILL reward you for it.
Yes, you become more like Jesus when you show forth love, mercy, and kindness to your fellow man, and especially when you turn your other cheek to those who treat you wrong and those who harm you.
Yes, vengeance is mine and I will repay, saith your Lord God. (Romans 12:19)
Let God repay your enemies who harm you.
Forgive others their wrongdoing, even as Jesus has forgiven you of ALL YOUR wrongdoings.
Yes, no one else is your Judge, as only your loving God is your Judge.
Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach to judge not, and you will not be judged by others? (Matthew 7:1-3)
Yes, Only Our Holy Triune God is able to judge with fairness, as ONLY
Our God knows the purpose and intentions of a person’s heart and mind.
Yes, Our Holy Triune God sees and knows when a person is mistreated by others, and Our God is a just God, Who will repay everyone for their evil deeds as well as repay everyone for their good deeds.
Yes, if in your past, you have harmed someone, go to them and make it right with them, repair the damage you have done, so long as you are able to.
Yes, when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, didn’t He teach them to pray, forgive us of our debts as we forgive our debtors? (Matthew 6:12)
Yes, you must forgive others who have harmed you, if you expect God to forgive you your debts.
Yes, you cannot continue to harm others, or continue to live in sin, and still enter heaven.
Yes, love God above all else and love your neighbor as you love yourself, and when you do this, you will not harm them.
Yes, LEARN to help others who do need your help, when you are able to help them.
Remember what Jesus said when He walked this earth nearly two thousand years ago, “When you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me.” (Matthew 25:35-40)
Yes, be kind to all you come into contact with.
Be gentle, be patient, be loving to all, and especially to the weak, the young, the ill, the lost, the aged, the poor, the prisoners, the handicapped, the strangers, and Our God will ALWAYS repay you for your kindness and for your mercy shown to all other people and animals and all living things.
Yes, Our God is a great God of rewards.
Yes, it is NOT Our God’s will that any on earth suffer at any time. (3 John 1:2)
Yes, Jesus had stripes on His back to pay for your physical healing. (Isaiah 53:5)
Come to Jesus, ask for your physical healing, and praise Jesus many times daily until the physical healing is manifested in your body.
If you are ill or have any pain in your body, do pray for healing of others who are ill or have pain, and Our God will work to heal you both, or heal ALL of the ones you pray for.
If you have committed sins, ask for forgiveness of these sins from Jesus, and Jesus will forgive you and heal you.
Yes, Jesus is STILL the Healer.
Yes, in Our God’s Holy Bible, didn’t Jesus heal ALL who came to Jesus and asked Jesus for physical healing?
Yes, Jesus still has power to heal today.
Doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? (Hebrews 13:8)
Yes, Jesus is God.
Yes, Jesus is the spoken Word of His heavenly Father God. (John 1:1-3)
Yes, Our Father God spoke this whole earth, this whole universe, and everything on and in this whole earth into existence, and Jesus Christ is the spoken Word of His Father God.
Everything on earth that exists has a part of Jesus Christ in it.
Doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that Jesus is all in all? (1 Corinthians 15:28, Ephesians 1:22-23)
Yes, Jesus Christ has all power in heaven and in earth and on earth. (Matthew 28:18)
Yes, Jesus is the ONLY TRUE Savior of mankind’s souls. (Acts 4:12)
Yes, your soul was created by God to live forever.
Your eternal soul will live in heaven with Jesus, or it will live in hell with Satan, as there are no other places for your soul to live forever.
Choose Jesus as Your Lord and Savior, live for God, and spend eternity in heaven with Jesus.
Reject Jesus as your Lord and Savior, do not live for God while alive on earth, and you will REGRET IT FOREVER IN HELL.
Do not be deceived.
Our God is not mocked.
Man will reap what he sows. (Galatians 6:7)
Choose Jesus now and NEVER regret it.
Live for God now and NEVER regret it.
Praises to Our God.