Prophecy #719

Prophetic Message
719 from Jesus Christ:

Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you and does take care of you and ALL your loved ones at all times.
Yes, your God is a good God, raining down ALL good benefits on all man-kind from Our God’s abundant storehouses in Our God’s great heaven above.
Yes, you cannot out give your God.
Yes, Our God can more than abundantly supply more than your EVERY need.
Yes, Our God can more than abundantly supply more than every need of ALL of Our God’s man-kind, when Our God’s mankind does know God, does love and honor God, and does live for God.
Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that when Our God opens Our God’s hand that the hunger and thirst of all are satisfied? (Psalm 145:15-16)
Yes, Our God has unlimited supplies ready to give to each of Our God’s mankind, when each person is ready to receive all of these good gifts to enrich their own lives and for them to give to help enrich the lives of others, especially to help the helpless.
Yes, you ARE your brother’s keeper.
Yes, do love others and do help others as you do love and do help yourself.
Yes, do LEARN to go about helping the helpless.
Yes, do learn that it is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35)
Yes, others will be drawn to Jesus for salvation when they do experience your kindness to them—as you are the light of the world, and you are the salt of the earth, when you do let Jesus shine through you in helping others.
Yes, when you help the least of these, you are helping Jesus, as each person is made in the image of God, and Our God loves each person equally.
Do learn to love each person equally as your God loves them.
Yes, every person now alive on earth is made in Our God’s image, a unique human being, who does have Our God’s love and mercy and guidance in their life.
Yes, Our God does have a unique and divine will for each person’s life who is now alive on earth.
Yes, Our God has now created each specific person’s life, his gifts and ministry, and each person will be his happiest while alive on earth when he accomplishes his mission on earth, as given to him at birth by HIS heavenly Father God.
Yes, do let Our God’s purpose for your life be fulfilled in your life on earth.
God created each of you for a specific purpose on earth, and when you discover it and work to fulfill it, will be your happiest time on earth.
Yes, do find something that gives you delight in doing, in helping others, in teaching, in working with your hands, with your creativity in creating beautiful things, in art, music, drama, in travel, in helping others to realize their true worth.
Yes, let everything you do and say be done and said to the glory of God on earth. (1 Corinthians 10:31, Colossians 3:17)
Yes, do share the good things in your life with others to encourage them, and Our God will reward you with all good things in your life and will encourage you.
Yes, as you do good things for others, Our God will do good things for you.
You cannot out give God.
Try tithing.
When you tithe your income and your personal belongings, it is given back to you more than double what you give. (Luke 6:38)
If you have little to give, give your prayers to God for others, and Our God will answer your prayers for them and will help you, too.
Yes, it is possible to tithe your way out of debt.
Give to support missions —the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ world-wide.
Give to feed the hungry.
Give to educate the children.
Give for clean water wells.
Give to help the lonely, sick, and needy.
Give so that others can have the abundant life that you already have.
Give to help the poor have food, clothing, shelter, and transportation.
Give to improve people’s health.
Give to support missionaries worldwide.
You cannot out give your God, as your God continually watches your life, to reward you more than double when you give.
Yes, your God does love a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7)
Yes, whatever you give, whenever you give, always give with love in your heart for the person who receives the gift.
Yes, a person needs to experience your love and Our God’s love when they receive their gift from you.
Yes, as Dr. Henrietta Mears once said, “Everyone around the world is crying out for a teaspoon of love.”
Yes, give people your love and your acceptance as their Christian friend, and do tell them of Jesus’ great love and great sacrifice for them on Calvary’s Cross so they could have life, abundant life on earth, and have eternal life in heaven with THEIR holy Creators God.
Yes, Our God is ABLE and is WILLING to give you ALL good things in your life when you know God, love God, honor God, live for God, and when you do help others to Our God’s glory on earth.
Praises to our God Jehovah, Who is always so good to us to meet all our needs and to give to us all our holy desires.
Praises to Our God.