Prophecy #774

Monday, March 2, 2015  (Time received:  4:59 p.m. to  5:52 p.m. = 53 minutes.)

 Prophetic Message 774 from our very wonderful heavenly Father God.  Praises to our very wonderful heavenly Father God, and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.

     Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you and your family and other loved ones, and your heavenly Father God does take care of you and them at ALL times.

      Yes, your heavenly Father God IS a loving God, a pure God, a trustworthy God, a never-ending God, a God Who does endure through ALL generations.

      Yes, your Holy Triune God did create, and still does create, each of Our God’s mankind in Our God’s image with spirit, soul, body and mind, and your God does give to each of Our God’s mankind the breath of life.

      Yes, only Our God gives each of mankind the breath of life, and ONLY Our God has the right to take the breath of life from a person now alive on earth.

      Yes, dedicate your life, yourself and all your loved ones, to God.

      Yes, once a parent or grandparent dedicates a child or grandchild to God, they can never get away, run away, from it, as your God will bring them in to the kingdom of God.

      Yes, at the moment of conception, Our God gives each person an eternal soul that will live forever.

      Yes, a person’s soul will live forever either in heaven with Jesus, or it will live forever in hell with Satan, as there are no other places for a person’s eternal soul to live after their one life and one death on earth.

      Doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that it is appointed unto each of mankind to die once, and after that is Our God’s white throne judgment?  (Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:11)

     Yes, each of mankind lives only once and dies only once on earth.

     Yes, reincarnation, as you believe reincarnation to be, is a lie from Satan to believe that a person can work their way into heaven.

     It is impossible for a person to work their way into heaven by trying to love others and by trying to do good works.

     Each of mankind was born into the original sin of Adam, as well as, they have committed their own sins, and they must have the holy shed blood of Jesus on Calvary’s cross to wash away their sins.

     Yes, to be saved from their sins, each person must come to the ONLY TRUE SAVIOR, Jesus Christ, ask Jesus to save them and be their Lord and Master—then they must come out from ALL known sin in their life and live for God for the rest of their life on earth, in order to go to heaven in their afterlife.

     Yes, Jesus is your ONLY one-way ticket to heaven.  (Acts 4:12)

     Yes, Jesus is your ONLY access to your heavenly Creator Father God.  (John 14:6)

     Yes, I, your heavenly Father God, your holy Creator God, did send My only begotten Son of Jesus Christ to suffer, bleed and die on Calvary’s cruel cross to be a ransom for each person’s sins, transgressions and iniquities, that each person who comes to Jesus and asks for forgiveness could have the absolutely FREE salvation that Jesus gives, could have life, abundant life on earth, and eternal life in heaven with THEIR Lord Jesus Christ and with THEIR heavenly Father God.

     Yes, I did, your heavenly Father God did, raise My Son Jesus from the dead on the third day, just as it had been foretold in Our God’s Bible.  (Mark 10:34)

     Jesus ascended into heaven and is now seated at HIS Father God’s right hand, now making intercession with His Father God for ALL the people now on earth, that they will know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, will live for God while alive on earth, and will end up in heaven forever, after their one death on earth.

     Do not be deceived, your Holy Triune God is not mocked—as whatever a man/person sows, they will reap.  (Galatians 6:7)

     Sin will never enter heaven.

     You must come out of ALL sin and live for God, after you become a Christian with Jesus as your Lord and Savior, in order to enter heaven.

     Yes, Our God is not mocked.

     Our God is holy and just, and is a Rewarder of all Who earnestly seek Him/Us/your God.

     Yes, your heavenly Father God does watch your life at ALL times to give you help when needed, to hear and answer ALL your many prayers prayed in Jesus’ holy name, and to reward you for ALL the good you do to help your fellow mankind, when he does need your help, and when you are able to help him/them.

     Yes, every kind deed done with love WILL be rewarded by YOUR heavenly Father God through YOUR Lord Jesus Christ.

     Yes, every good gift that you now have in your life, even warmth in winter and coolness in summer, are good gifts from YOUR heavenly Father God, given to you through your Lord Jesus Christ.  (Philippians 4:19)

     Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God is all powerful.

     YOUR heavenly Father God spoke this whole universe, this whole earth—all on it and all in it—into existence, and a God Who can do that can surely do whatever Our God chooses to do.

     Yes, your heavenly Father God spoke this whole universe into being, and Jesus Christ is the spoken Word of His heavenly Father God.  (John 1:1-3)

     Yes, Jesus is all powerful.  (Matthew 28:18)

     Yes, Jesus is God.

     Yes, Jesus, Father God, and Our God’s Holy Spirit, are  the Holy Triune God—three separate Beings, but are always in One accord.

     Yes, when you get to heaven, you will see three separate Beings of the Holy Triune God, with Jesus seated at His Father God’s right hand, as described in Our God’s Holy Bible.  (Mark 16:19)

     Yes, worship YOUR heavenly Father God.

     Worship your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

     Worship Our God’s Holy Spirit, Our God’s divine Helper, Who lives within you to help you, to guide you, to reveal Our God’s truth to you and help you to live for God, and to be successful in your life on earth.


     Praises to Our God.