Prophecy #776

Saturday, March 21, 2015  (Time received:  10:16 a.m. to 11:09 a.m. = 53 minutes.)

     Prophetic Message 776 from our very wonderful heavenly Father God.  Praises to our very wonderful heavenly Father God and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.

   Yes, Our God’s beloved child of God, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you and does take care of you and ALL your loved ones at ALL times.

     Yes, your God is a loving God, a holy God, a just God, a forgiving God, Who forgives each of mankind of their sins and wrongdoings, when they do turn to God with a repentant heart, ask God for forgiveness, and receive Our God’s love and forgiveness.

     Yes, no sin is too great for Our God’s forgiveness, when a person repents of their sin, turns to God, and asks Our God for forgiveness.

     Yes, it is Our God’s will for each person now alive on earth for them to repent of ALL sin and wrongdoing in their life, come to their God Jesus, ask Jesus for forgiveness, and come out of ALL sin in their life, and live for God while alive on earth.

     Yes, there is only ONE way for you to go to heaven in your afterlife, after your one life on earth is over, and that is for you to have ALL your sins forgiven by YOUR Lord Jesus Christ, and for you to come out of ALL sin in your life, and for you to live for God while alive on earth.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is your ONLY true Savior, Who has paid the price for your salvation with His holy shed blood and death and resurrection—death on Calvary’s cruel cross and resurrection to life by His heavenly Father God.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is now alive in heaven seated at HIS Father God’s right hand making intercession with HIS Father God for all the lost people of the earth, that they will know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, that they will come out of ALL known sin in their life, and that they WILL spend eternity in heaven with THEIR heavenly Father God and with THEIR Lord Jesus Christ forever and amen.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is God and is Lord of all.

     Do worship Jesus Christ as you do worship and obey YOUR heavenly Father God.

     Yes, Our God’s Holy Triune God are three separate Beings, but are always in one accord.

     Yes, do become one with YOUR Holy Triune God with your worship, praise and obedience to God.

     Yes, your ONLY true and lasting happiness is to be in the complete and holy will of God for your life, to become one with your God, your Holy Triune God, of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and Our God’s Holy Spirit of God.

     Yes, didn’t Jesus Christ pray to His Father God when Jesus was alive and walked this earth, pray to His Father God that they may be one with God even as He was one with His Father God?  (John 17:22)

     Yes, do be one with, be in tune with, YOUR Holy Triune God.

     Yes, didn’t Jesus say to always abide in Jesus, and you will bring forth much fruit, as apart from Jesus, you can do nothing?  (John 15:5)

     Yes, do abide in Jesus through prayer and praise to YOUR Holy Triune God, and you will accomplish much good on earth to help yourself, to help others, to your God’s glory on earth.

     Yes, your only true happiness on earth, your only true and lasting happiness on earth, is abiding in your Lord Jesus Christ and obeying Our God’s Holy Spirit of God living within you to guide you, help you, teach you, love you, and keep you until your final day on earth.

     Yes, all your days to live on earth were recorded in Our God’s book before one of them came to be.  (Psalm 139:16)

     Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God knows the end from the beginning, and your loving heavenly Father God knows the length of days that each person has to be alive on earth.

     Yes, while you are alive on earth, you will go through, and Our God will BRING you through, MANY tests and trials to teach you of God and teach you of Our God’s ways for your life.

     Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach you that you will NEVER be tempted above what you are able, and will ALWAYS make a way of escape for you, that you can ALWAYS overcome temptation in your life, even as YOUR Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, overcame every temptation to do wrong in His life, when He walked planet earth nearly two thousand years ago?  (1 Corinthians 10:13)

     Yes, Jesus, Our God/Man, led a perfect life in earth, and Jesus sent Our God’s Holy Spirit to live within you to lead you in paths of righteousness for Our God’s namesake.

     Yes, Our God’s Holy Spirit living within you will teach you, guide you, train you how to live your daily and nightly life for God, how to overcome all evil temptations to do wrong in your life.

     Yes, every time you overcome the temptation to do wrong in your life, and you do what you know is RIGHT in your life, your heavenly Father God IS WATCHING YOU, and Our Father God WILL REWARD YOU accordingly.

     Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach you that when you are faithful with little, that you will be entrusted with more?  (Matthew 25:23)

     Yes, if you want more finances, be faithful in paying your ten percent tithes to God, and then watch how Our God increases your monthly income to help meet ALL your financial needs.

     Yes, your God will ALWAYS reward you for tithing your income to spread Our God’s gospel worldwide and to help the helpless.

     Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that Our God will return to you good measure when you give your tithes and offerings to God?  (Luke 6:38)

     Yes, it IS possible to tithe your way out of debt if you are faithful to give to God the tithe that is God’s over a period of time.

     Yes, if you ARE faithful to obey God, Our God WILL reward you for your faithfulness and for your obedience.

     Yes, trust God, try God, prove God, and let Our God work in your life to help you, help others, and glorify God on earth.


     Praises to Our heavenly Father God for this wonderful message to ALL of Our God’s people on earth.


     Praise God.