Prophecy #801

Monday, September 7, 2015  (Time received:  6:50 p.m. to 7:44 p.m. = 54 minutes.)

      Prophetic Message #801 from our very precious Lord Jesus Christ.  Praises to our very precious Lord Jesus Christ and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.


     Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you, love your family and ALL your loved ones, and your heavenly Father God does protect and does take care of you and them at ALL times.

     Yes, your heavenly Father God is a very loving God and a very generous God, Who does love all of mankind, and Who does love to give each of mankind ALL good gifts WHEN they are ready to receive all these good gifts.

     Yes, your heavenly Father God loves to give you all good gifts that will enrich your life, and will enrich the lives of others, and that your God will be glorified on earth.

     Yes, your God IS a cheerful Giver, and your God delights in rewarding others for THEIR cheerful giving.  (2 Corinthians 9:7)

     Yes, who can give anything back to God, that he has not received it from God in the first place?  (Romans 11:35-36)

     Yes, ALL good gifts that you do now have in your life that you do enjoy, have already been given to you FROM your heavenly Father God, and they do come to you THROUGH Jesus Christ.  (Philippians 4:19)

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the One Who makes it possible for you to receive all your good gifts, good benefits, from YOUR heavenly Father God.

     Yes, I, Jesus, your Lord Jesus Christ, came from heaven to give you life, abundant life on earth, and eternal life in heaven with YOUR Holy Triune God.  (John 10:10)

     Yes, I, Jesus Christ, came to earth as a holy Infant, sent by MY Father God, conceived by Our God’s Holy Spirit in the womb of the virgin girl Mary, led a holy life without sin, grew in favor with God and man, had stripes on My back to pay for mankind’s physical healing, shed My holy, innocent, pure blood and died on Calvary’s cruel cross, was dead and buried in a borrowed tomb for three days, until MY heavenly Father God raised Me, Jesus, from the dead, and I ascended on high, and am now seated at the right hand of My heavenly Father God, making intercession with My heavenly Father God for all the people now alive on earth, that they will come to Me, Jesus, for salvation from sin, for their eternal soul to live forever in heaven with THEIR eternal Holy Triune God.

     Yes, I am, Jesus is, now in heaven at MY Father God’s right hand, awaiting My God’s signal to, “Go!  Go back towards Earth to claim and to catch away YOUR holy Bride-to-be to bring BACK to Our God ALL the saved-in-Jesus and right-living-unto-God beloved children of God, bring them BACK to THEIR great home in Our God’s great heaven above.”

     Yes, time on Earth is now short and is now growing shorter until I, your Lord Jesus Christ, WILL RETURN toward Earth to claim and to catch away for the great rapture, ALL Our God’s saved and obedient, right-living-for-God, beloved children of God, to take them BACK to their great home in Our God’s great heaven above, to rule and to reign with THEIR Holy Triune God forever.

     Yes, the saved-in-Jesus and the right-living-for-God alive people/Christians WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN THE AIR in a split second to meet Jesus in the air.

     Yes, GET ready to go and STAY ready to go, as you do NOT know the day nor the hour when I, your Lord Jesus Christ, WILL split the great Eastern sky coming for ALL of Our God’s own.

     Yes, I can, and will, come suddenly as a thief comes in the night, when you least expect My, Jesus’, appearing.

     Yes, it can happen at ANY time—noon, night, or morning–but I, your Lord Jesus Christ, do say to you to BE READY to go—STAY READY to go!

     Yes, I can come quickly!

     Yes, ALL of heaven is NOW ready for the wedding supper of the Lamb, awaiting My Father God’s command to, “GO!”

     Yes, time on earth is short.

     Time on earth, as you do know time on earth to be, is SOON running out, and as you know time on Earth now to be, will soon be NO MORE, as Our heavenly Father God will soon create a new heaven and a new Earth.

     Yes, read Our God’s Holy Bible of the last book in the Bible of Revelation, and it will explain to you what WILL HAPPEN on YOUR planet Earth, that Our heavenly Father God has planned from the beginning of time on Earth.

     Yes, Our God spoke this whole universe, this whole Earth, all on it and all in it, into existence, and a God Who can do that, can surely do anything Our God chooses to do, anything Our God plans to do.

     Yes, Jesus Christ IS the spoken Word of Our heavenly Father God.  (John 1:1-3)

     Yes, ALL power in heaven and in and on Earth has been given to Jesus, after Father God raised Jesus from the dead.  (Matthew 28:18)

Yes, there is a heaven and there is a hell, as described in Our God’s Holy Bible.

     Yes, I am, Jesus Christ is, the only Being powerful enough to forgive you of all your sins and wrongdoings, and heal your sin-nature you inherited from Adam’s sin, keep your eternal soul out of hell, and give you an eternal home in heaven, FREE to you just for your coming to Jesus with a repentant heart and ASKING Jesus to forgive your sins, ACCEPTING salvation from Jesus, then going and sinning no more.

     Yes, in order to go to heaven after your one life and one death, you must choose Jesus as your Savior while you are alive on Earth, then you MUST COME OUT of ALL known sin in your life and live for God.

     Choose Jesus—live for God—and enjoy heaven forever.

     Reject Jesus—do not live for God—and regret it forever in hell.

     The choice is NOW yours.


     Praises to Our Lord Jesus.