Prophecy #809

Thursday, November 5, 2015  (Time received:  6:31 p.m. to 7:24 p.m. = 53 minutes.)

   Prophetic Message # 809 from our very wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.  Praises to our very wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.


    Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you and does love ALL of your loved ones, and your heavenly Father God does always take care of you and them at ALL times.

     Yes, do worship and do praise YOUR Holy Triune God for two whole hours EVERY morning so that Our Holy Triune God is ABLE to fill you to the full with love, power, knowledge, wisdom, and courage for you to work daily on all the assignments Our God HAS given you to do of the prophecies, art, and other projects.

     Yes, do keep reading Our God’s Holy Bible daily, keep living for God, keep working on your six monthly projects, then do WATCH and do SEE how successful ALL of your projects become, when you do abide in Our God and seek to please Our God with your daily works that DO help others and that DO glorify your God.  (Psalm 1:1-3)

     Yes, no good thing will Our God withhold from those who do love and honor God, and who do live righteously.  (Psalm 84:11)

Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God does continually watch EVERY person’s life and does see the motives of their hearts which does result in their actions on Earth.

     Yes, when you ARE motivated by love, love of yourself, love of your fellow man, and love of God, your many works will be good, and YOUR heavenly Father God WILL reward EVERY person who does good works, that Our God will be glorified on Earth.

     Yes, as Jesus taught His disciples how to pray to HIS Father God, you should also pray this prayer daily to YOUR heavenly Father God.

     Yes, it is Our Father God’s will for God’s good will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven. 

     In heaven there is no pain, no illness, no violence, no impure living, no sin, no hospitals, and no jails, as all is peace, love, joy, forgiveness, kindness, happiness, and all good works to the glory of God.

     Yes, let Our God’s kingdom come, and Our God’s will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)

     Yes, I, Jesus, paid the price for your and everyone’s physical healing with 39 stripes on My back.

     Come to Jesus Christ and ask Jesus Christ for your physical healing, when you do need physical healing.

     Yes, when I, your Lord Jesus Christ, walked this Earth nearly two thousand years ago, I healed everyone who came to Jesus and requested healing, as their faith in Jesus made them whole.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  (Hebrews 13:8)

     Yes, Jesus Christ still heals physical bodies today, when a person’s faith in Jesus Christ is strong enough, and when they do ASK for healing in Jesus’ name.

     Yes, Jesus’ name is all powerful, and the name of Jesus is far above every name.

     Jesus is God.

     Jesus is the ONLY begotten Son of God.  (John 3:16)

     Allah is NOT God.

     Allah is a false god, who pretends to be the true God, and who is now deceiving many.

     Yes, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  (John 14:6)

     Know Jesus and know the truth.

     Yes, Jesus Christ saving you from your sins in His shed blood, death on Calvary’s cross, and resurrection, and your living for God while you are alive on Earth, is your ONLY entrance into heaven, after your one life and one death on Earth.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the ONLY true Savior of your eternal soul, Who is able to cleanse you of ALL your sins and wrongdoing, when you do come to Jesus with a repentant heart and ASK Jesus to save you, and accept this FREE GIFT from Jesus, let Jesus become the Lord, Master, and Savior of your only one life on Earth, come out of ALL sinful lifestyle on Earth, and enter into the joy and benefits of God, both in your life on Earth AND in your life in heaven.

     Yes, the ONLY way you can come into the holy presence of YOUR heavenly Father God, your holy Creator God, is to come through Jesus Christ for your cleansing first.

     Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that there is one God, and only one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ?  (1 Timothy 2:5)

     Yes, go through Jesus to Father God.

     Go through Jesus into heaven.

     Jesus came to Earth so that you could have life, have abundant life on Earth, and have eternal life in heaven with YOUR Holy Triune God.  (John 10:10)

     Yes, you cannot save yourself.

     You cannot work your way into heaven by loving people and by doing good deeds.

     You need the ONLY true Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ, Who has paid the penalty for your sins to save you, to give you peace, love, joy, happiness on Earth, and a wonderful eternal life in heaven.

     Yes, no one else can save you.

     Mohammad cannot save you.

     Buddha cannot save you.

     Allah cannot save you.

     The government cannot save you.

     Your friends and family cannot save you.

     Your possessions and prestige cannot save you.

     Reincarnation is a lie, straight from Satan, the father of all lies.  (Hebrews 9:27, John 8:44)

     Yes, all habitual liars will spend eternity in hell with Satan.  (Revelation 21:8)

     Yes, know Jesus and know the truth.

     Claim Jesus Christ as your Savior of your soul now, and you will NEVER regret it in this your one life on earth, and never regret it in your afterlife in heaven.


     Praises to Our God Jesus for this message.


     Praises to Our God.