Prophecy #813

Monday, November 30, 2015  (Time received:  5:52 p.m. to 6:52 p.m. = 60 minutes.)

      Prophetic Message 813 from our precious Lord Jesus Christ.  Praises to our precious Lord Jesus Christ and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.


     Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you, and He does love ALL of your family and friends, and He does, Father God does, take care of you and them at ALL times.

     Yes, Jesus Christ will SOON appear in the heavenlies, in the sky just above Earth, coming for ALL of Our God’s saved and sanctified, right-living-for-God, beloved Christian children of God, to catch them away in a split second of time to take them BACK to THEIR heavenly home prepared for them.

     Yes, didn’t I, Jesus, say to you in Our God’s Holy Bible that I go to prepare a place for you, and that I will come again and receive you, that where I am, you may be also?  (John 14:2-3)

     Yes, time on Earth IS SHORT and IS growing shorter until I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, return to receive ALL of Our God’s own, to take them all back to Our God’s home in heaven to rule and to reign with THEIR Holy Triune God forever.

     Yes, GET READY to go.

     Stay ready to go.

     Stay prayed up.

     Stay fasted up.

     Come to Jesus with a repentant heart for cleansing of all sins and all wrongdoings in Jesus’ holy blood shed for your freedom on Calvary’s cruel cross, so that you could have FREE salvation, free abundant life on Earth, and free eternal life in heaven.

     Yes, your salvation is FREE in Jesus, when you do come to Jesus and ASK Jesus to save you from your sins, when you make Jesus the Lord and Master of your life, when you repent and come out of all known sin in your life, and when you live for God.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the only true answer, the only good answer, to every problem in your life, as Jesus is the only Being, dead or alive, Who has the power to give you life, abundant life on Earth, and eternal life in heaven.

     Yes, Jesus is your Savior, your Healer, your Giver of all good gifts from YOUR heavenly Father God, as all the good gifts that you now have in your lifetime on Earth have been given to you from YOUR heavenly Father God, and they do come from Father God through Jesus to you.  (Philippians 4:19)

     Yes, Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection does make it possible for you to receive all good gifts from YOUR heavenly Father God.

     Yes, doesn’t Our God’s Holy Bible teach that there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ?  (1 Timothy 2:5)

     Yes, Father God and I, Jesus, are One.  (John 10:30)

     Yes, Jesus is God.

     Do worship Jesus Christ as you do worship your heavenly Father God.

     It does please your heavenly Father God, when you do worship Our God’s Holy Triune God of God the Father, God the only begotten Son Jesus, and Our God’s Holy Spirit of God.

     Yes, Our God’s Holy Triune God is three separate Beings, but We are, God is, always in one accord.

     Yes, do worship all Three of Our God’s Holy Triune God, and do be rewarded for this by Our God’s filling you with love, joy, power, knowledge, wisdom, kindness, and gentleness, yes, and Our God WILL reward you with ALL GOOD benefits to enrich your life, to help others, and to glorify God.

     Yes, Our God does continually search the hearts, minds, and thoughts of Our God’s Christian people to see which people are ready for promotion, to see which people can handle more wealth, more fame, more responsibilities, without it corrupting them.

     Yes, if a person desires to be promoted in life, they must seek the good benefits of others, and they must grow out of their selfishness, become better servants of God, of people and animals, and of themselves.

     Yes, your love and kindness and generosity to the less fortunate tells Our God volumes about your growth of your character.

     Yes, people do CHOOSE to come to Earth from heaven, so that their character can grow up, advance, in their relationship to THEIR Holy Triune God.

     Yes, strive to be more like Jesus, Who is the ONLY perfect Person Who has ever lived a lifetime on Earth.

     Yes, Jesus went about loving people, teaching people about His heavenly Father God, healing the sick, raising the dead, proclaiming freedom to those in bondage of evil, setting at liberty those oppressed, feeding the hungry, and giving His ultimate sacrifice of His shed blood and death on Calvary’s cruel cross, so that whosoever will choose Jesus as their Savior and live for God can have eternal life in Heaven.

     Yes, Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will go with you to the end of the world.”  (Hebrews 13:5, Matthew 28:20)

     Yes, trust Jesus.

     Try Jesus.

     Jesus will NEVER fail you.

     Buddha cannot save you.

     Allah cannot save you.

     Mohammad cannot save you.

     You cannot save yourself by good works.

     ONLY JESUS has the power to save you.

     Yes, at your moment of conception in your mother’s womb, you were given an eternal soul by YOUR heavenly Father God, and your soul will live forever either in heaven with YOUR heavenly Father God, or it WILL live in hell with Satan, as there are no other places for your eternal soul to live after your one life and one death on Earth.

     Yes, do read and do study Our God’s Holy Bible, and it WILL teach you the truth of heaven and hell, and it will make it plain to your understanding who will be going to each place, after each person’s one life and one death on Earth.

     Yes, you must choose Jesus as your Savior, with a repentant heart while you are now alive on Earth and live for God, if you do expect to enter heaven in your afterlife, after your one life on Earth.

     Yes, your life on Earth is uncertain, and your one death on Earth is certain.

     Sin will never enter heaven.

     You must come out of all known sin in your life and live for God, if you want to enter heaven.

     Yes, didn’t Jesus tell the woman caught in adultery to, “Go, and sin no more”?  (John 8:11)

     Yes, Jesus forgives and saves ALL sinners who REPENT and who ASK Jesus for their free salvation.

     Come to Jesus and ask and repent now!



     Praises to Our God Jesus for this message.


     Praise God.