Prophecy #815

Monday, December 14, 2015  (Time received:  12:58 p.m. to 1:55 p.m. = 57 minutes.)

     Prophetic Message #815 from our very precious Lord Jesus Christ.  Praises to our very precious Lord Jesus Christ and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.


     Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you, love ALL your family and ALL your other loved ones, and YOUR heavenly Father God does protect and does provide for you and them at ALL times.

     Yes, YOUR Holy Triune God is a GOOD God ALL the time, and your Holy Triune God does love to shower down ALL good gifts on Our God’s obedient mankind, WHEN they are ABLE to receive these good gifts from their God without being harmed by these good gifts.

     Yes, as your eternal soul grows more in God, you are able to TRUST Our God more, and ARE ABLE TO RECEIVE MORE of Our God’s good gifts to you.

     Yes, learn to love Our God’s Holy Triune God first above all else, do know Our God’s holy promises to you as given in Our God’s Holy Bible, and do learn to live by them, putting Our God and Our God’s ways first in your daily and nightly life, and you will ALWAYS be rewarded for this by YOUR heavenly Father God.

     Yes, all the good gifts and all the good events that you now enjoy in your life are good gifts from YOUR heavenly Father God given to you through YOUR Lord Jesus Christ.  (Philippians 4:19)

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the only one person Who has ever lived, Who is able to connect you with your holy Creator God, YOUR heavenly Father God.  (John 14:6)

     Yes, Jesus came to Earth as the ONLY God/man to give all of mankind life, abundant life on Earth, and eternal life in heaven in your only one life after your only one death on Earth.

     Yes, the holy shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cruel cross of Calvary does enable you to have FREE salvation in Jesus, abundant life on Earth, and eternal life in heaven, all FREE for you just by your ASKING Jesus to save you, by receiving this free gift, and by your coming out of all sinful lifestyle, and by your living for God, while you are alive on Earth.

     Yes, sin will never enter heaven.

     You MUST come OUT of ALL sinful lifestyle and live for God, with Jesus as your Lord and Savior, if you want to enter heaven in your life, after your one life on Earth.

     Yes, doesn’t Jesus Christ tell the woman caught in adultery in the Bible to go and sin no more? (John 8:11)

      Yes, Jesus is holy, the only person Who ever lived a lifetime on Earth Who never sinned.

      If you say you have never sinned, you are a liar, as each of mankind has sinned, with the exception of the perfect God/man of Jesus Christ.  (Romans 3:23)

      You cannot save yourself by trying to do good works and lead a clean and wholesome life, because of your own sin and the sin of Adam that each person was born into.

      You need the only Savior that is available to mankind, Who has paid the supreme sacrifice of Jesus’ shed blood to pay the penalty for your sin, the only Savior powerful enough to save you, to enable you to go to heaven, to keep your eternal soul from going to hell, the ONLY true Savior of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

      Yes, Buddha cannot save you.

      Allah cannot save you.

      Mohammad cannot save you.

      No other person can save you.

      You cannot save yourself.

      You cannot save anyone else.

      ONLY Jesus the Christ can save a person.

      Only Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for your sins, and ONLY Jesus Christ has the POWER to save anyone.

      A person must come to Jesus Christ with a repentant heart, and they must ASK Jesus to save them, and they must come out of ALL sinful lifestyle and live for God, in order to RECEIVE this free gift of salvation from Jesus.

      Do not be deceived, Our God is not mocked, for whatever a person sows, that will they reap.  (Galatians 6:7)

      Yes, if you sow sin, if you LIVE in a sinful lifestyle, you are sowing corruption in your life.

      Sin will NEVER enter heaven.

      You must  LIVE FOR GOD with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior in order to enter heaven.

      Yes, know the truth of Jesus Christ, and the truth will set you free.  (John 8:32)

      Yes, Jesus Christ is truth.

      Know Jesus Christ and know the truth. 

      Yes, Jesus Christ IS the ONLY way to heaven.  (John 10:7-9)

      Jesus Christ IS your ONLY way to YOUR heavenly Father God.  (John 14:6)

      Yes, Jesus Christ is NOW able to meet ALL your needs and ALL your holy desires now and in your future life on Earth AND in heaven.

      Yes, it is appointed unto each of mankind now alive on Earth to die once, and after that is Our God’s white throne judgment.  (Hebrews 9:27)

      Yes, reincarnation, as you do know reincarnation to be, is a complete lie from Satan, who is the father of all lies.

      Yes, Satan is the chief liar, and all who habitually lie are followers of Satan.

      Yes, all habitual liars will spend eternity in hell with Satan.  (Revelation 21:8)

      Yes, read and study Our God’s Holy Bible, and it will teach you about heaven and hell, and who will be going there for eternity. 

      Yes, your heavenly Father God has MADE a way for each person now alive on Earth to enter heaven for eternity by each person accepting Our God’s only begotten Son as their Lord and Savior and by their coming out of a sinful lifestyle and living for God while alive on Earth. (John 3:16)

      Yes, your Holy Triune God wants you to enter heaven forever, and your only pathway to heaven is now FREE to you through YOUR Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      Come to Jesus now.

      Accept Jesus now as your Lord and Savior, and you will NEVER regret it, never regret it in this your life now on Earth, and never regret it in your afterlife in heaven.

      If you do reject Jesus as your Lord and Savior from your sins, and if you do die in your sins and lift up your eyes in hell, you could and will regret it throughout eternity.

      Yes, there is no hope of ever escaping from hell.

      Choose Jesus now, have abundant life now on Earth, and have eternal life in heaven with YOUR Holy Triune God.


      Praises to Our God Jesus for this true message.


      Praises to Our God Jesus forever.