Prophecy #818

Monday, January 4, 2016  (Time received:  4:00 p.m. to 4:55 p.m. = 55 minutes.)

     Prophetic Message #818 from our very wonderful heavenly Father God.  Praises to our very wonderful heavenly Father God and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.


     Yes, Our God’s beloved child of God, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you, and your God does love ALL your loved ones, and your God does take care of you and does take care of them at ALL times.

     Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God does have a very great work for you and for ALL your loved ones to do to help bring in Our God’s great end-time harvest of souls, for as many of mankind as possible to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to go to heaven in their life after their one life on Earth to spend eternity in heaven with THEIR Lord Jesus Christ.

     Yes, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only Being alive or dead, Who is able to save a person from their sins, enable them to come out of a sinful lifestyle and live the rest of their life for God on Earth, that enables them entrance into heaven for eternity.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the ONLY Being alive or dead, Who is able to save your eternal soul from going to hell, Who is able to grant you entrance into heaven after your one death on Earth.

     Yes, Jesus paid the awful price on Calvary’s cruel cross of His shed blood, His HOLY shed blood, and His physical death and resurrection to pay for each person’s sins and wrongdoings, so that when each person who is now alive on Earth does COME to Jesus, who does ASK Jesus to save them, who does RECEIVE this free salvation from Jesus, who REPENTS of their sins, and who will GO and sin no more, are the ones who are entitled to enter heaven in their afterlife, after their one life and one death on Earth.

     Yes, after your one life and one death on Earth, your eternal soul will enter heaven with Jesus, or it will enter hell with Satan, as there are no other places for your eternal soul to enter.

     Yes, you MUST accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior while you are now alive on Earth, for if you die physically and DO lift up your eyes in hell, it can and will be TOO LATE for you to choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior, live for God, and enter heaven.

     Yes, some people who are now alive on Earth now believe there is no future life, no heaven, and no hell, but they are believing in lies straight from the father of all lies, Satan himself.

     Yes, Jesus Christ is the way of all truth, the way of ALL eternal life in heaven.

     Yes, heaven is real.

     Hell is also real.

     Do read and study Our God’s Holy Bible, and it will not only teach you about heaven and hell, it will also teach you who will be entering heaven and entering hell for eternity.

     You do NOT want to end up in hell, where it is hot and it is long.

     There is never any hope of escaping hell.

     There are many people in hell now, who did not believe in hell while they were alive on Earth, who are now crying out for a second chance to come to Jesus, be saved in Jesus, live for God, and enter heaven forever, but there is NO second chance for them, as their doom in hell is sealed forever.

     There is hope for people now alive on Earth, if they WILL SEEK JESUS, will come to Jesus, will ASK for forgiveness of sins with a repentant heart, will turn away from all sinful lifestyle on Earth, and will live for God, their HOPE is in Jesus taking them to THEIR eternal home in heaven, to rule and reign forever with Jesus.

     Yes, you DO want to go to heaven, where you came from, to live forever in heaven, where all is joy, love, peace, kindness, happiness, beauty, fulfillment, and enduring bliss in the love, worship, kindness, and eternal forgiveness of all wrongs by your Lord Jesus Christ, your heavenly Father God, and Our God’s Holy Spirit.

     Yes, you do NOT want to miss going to heaven.

     Whatever tries to keep you from entering heaven, cut it off and get rid of it, even if it’s your own hand or foot.  (Matthew 18:8)

     Yes, let NOTHING keep you out of going to your home in heaven for eternity.

     Jesus Christ is your ONLY access to heaven, as Jesus Christ is the ONLY Being dead or alive Who has paid the price for your one-way ticket to heaven, and it is FREE to you and free to anyone now alive on Earth, who will repent of their sins, will come to Jesus and ASK for forgiveness of their sins, and who will go and sin no more.

     Yes, sin will NEVER enter heaven.

     You must come out of ALL known sin in your life and live for God for the rest of your life on Earth, if you do expect to enter heaven.

     Yes, Jesus has already paid for your one-way ticket to heaven, but you MUST COME to Jesus and ASK Jesus for it, and you must repent of all sin and live for God to receive it.

     Yes, Jesus is a good God.

     Yes, Jesus forgives everyone who comes to Jesus and who ASKS Jesus to forgive them, then they are to go and sin no more.

     Yes, didn’t Jesus tell the woman caught in adultery as given in Our God’s Holy Bible to go and sin no more?  (John 8:11)

     Yes, you can no longer straddle the fence—if Jesus is God, you MUST choose Jesus.

     You cannot choose both Jesus and Satan—the ways of Satan.

     Do not be deceived; our God is not mocked, as whatever a man, or mankind, sows, they will reap.  (Galatians 6:7)

      If you refuse to accept Jesus, and if you continue to live in a sinful lifestyle, you will perish from the face of the Earth, and you WILL REGRET your decisions forever in hell with Satan.

     Be warned.

     Warn others of the consequences of living a sinful lifestyle on Earth.

     Come to Jesus before it is too late to come to Jesus.

     Come out of a sinful lifestyle and live for God before it is too late, or you will regret it forever.

     Jesus is coming back toward Earth SOON for Our God’s great rapture of souls.

     Get ready to meet Jesus in the air in a split second at the last trumpet sound.

     STAY ready to go at ALL times.

     Yes, even so, come quickly, Our Lord Jesus the Christ.


     Praises to Our heavenly Father God for this message.


     Praises to Our God.