Prophecy #822

Monday, February 1, 2016  (Time received:  3:14 p.m. to 4:11 p.m. = 57 minutes.)

   Prophetic Message #822 from our very wonderful heavenly Father God.  Praises to our wonderful heavenly Father God and praises to our Holy Triune God.  Hallelujah!  Praises to our God.


     Yes, Our God’s beloved child, YOUR heavenly Father God does love you and does love ALL of your loved ones, and YOUR Father God does ALWAYS take care of you and them at ALL times.

     Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God IS a great God, a loving God, a merciful God, an enriching God, a powerful God, Who does control all things and all events at all times.

     Yes, nothing good, nothing bad, nothing at all, can happen at any time on YOUR planet Earth, unless YOUR heavenly Father God does ALLOW it to happen.

     Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God does have COMPLETE control of planet Earth, all on it and all in it, at ALL times.

     Yes, your heavenly Father God did speak planet Earth into being and hung it onto nothing, and a God Who can do that, can surely do whatever Our God chooses to do.

     Yes, Our God did create all of mankind on Earth for the purpose of—for them to know God and for them to enjoy Our God forever.

     Yes, each of mankind on Earth searches for what will make them happy, but they can NEVER find true happiness until they KNOW THEIR holy Creator God and find their true happiness in knowing God, loving God above all else, worshiping God, serving God, and loving and serving their fellow mankind.

     Yes, do PUT YOUR Holy Triune God above all you are and all you own, and do give YOUR Holy Triune God Our God’s rightful place as Supreme God of this universe, this Earth, and all on it and all in it.

     Yes, each person now alive on Earth came to the Earth with nothing, and they will take nothing with them with their one death on Earth, except the growth of their soul in God.

     Yes, each person now alive on Earth was alive in heaven, and each person in heaven CHOSE to come to Earth, so they could experience the human experience, so their faith in God and their trust in God could grow, so their lives could be enriched throughout eternity by their soul’s growth in God.

     Yes, after your one life and one death on Earth, if your soul does go to heaven with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and you have lived a life unto God while alive on Earth, your soul WILL continue to grow in heaven throughout eternity.

     Yes, do read and do study Our God’s Holy Bible about how Jesus Christ came to Earth as God/Man, lived a holy life unto God, and went about loving and helping others, teaching you how to relate to YOUR holy Creator Father God, and how to live a daily life that glorifies God.

     Yes, your heavenly Father God does know each person, knows EVERY thought you have, every motive of your heart, every word you speak, every decision you make, and every action you take.

     Yes, YOUR heavenly Father God hears EVERY prayer you pray, and your God is ABLE to answer these prayers that you pray in Jesus’ name, with great faith in Jesus.

     Yes, your God does reward you for ALL your good actions you do with love to help your fellow mankind that will glorify God on Earth, that will help build up the kingdom of God on Earth.

     Yes, DO let Our God’s will be done on Earth as it is done in heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)

     Yes, your Holy Triune God does want each person now alive on Our God’s planet Earth to prosper and to be in good health even as their soul prospers in God.  (3 John 1:2)

     Yes, Our God created each of mankind’s bodies to heal itself, and each person’s body will improve in their physical health, WHEN they get right with their God and with their fellow mankind, and with themselves.

     Yes, forgive people who have harmed you in any way, and FORGET the incidents.

     Carrying a grudge against someone who has harmed you is harming you even more than the harm that they did to you.

     Forgive yourself of ALL your mistakes, all your faults, all your weaknesses, all your human failures, and begin new with the forgiveness that Jesus Christ gives you, and then go forward with the renewed strength and joy that ONLY Jesus Christ is able to give you.

     Yes, realize that you are a child of God, created in Our God’s likeness with body, soul, and spirit, and that you are joint-heirs with Jesus.  (Romans 8:17)

     Yes, realize that when Jesus forgives your sins and cleans you up in His holy shed blood, that you are a new creature, a child of the King of all kings, destined to rule and to reign forever with YOUR Holy Triune God.

     Yes, when you become a born-again child of God with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, if you will live a holy life unto God, Our God will put Our God’s covering over you to protect you from all harm, and nothing bad can come against you for harm, except what YOU allow to come against you for harm.

     Yes, Our God protects and guides Our Own.

     Yes, remain faithful unto God, and you will receive a crown of life from God forever.

     Yes, Our God’s true Christian children ARE with an army that has never lost a battle, and never will lose a battle, if they stay true to God.

     Yes, do stay true to YOUR God and do win a crown of life forever.

     Yes, Jesus Christ IS your Lord, Master, Savior, Healer, and soon-coming Bridegroom.

     Jesus is trustworthy.

     Trust Jesus now.

     Accept Jesus now.

     Love Jesus now.

     Obey the teachings of Jesus now.

     Claim the promises of Jesus now.

     Live with and through and for Jesus now.

     Jesus is the only complete answer to any problem or any bad situation you will ever face on Earth in your lifetime.

     Do come under the love, protection, and provision of all good things from your God Jesus now.

     Yes, dedicate all your loved ones, yourself, and your possessions to Jesus Christ now, and then watch Jesus keep them and you safe from all harm.


     Praises to Our God now.


     Praise God for this prophetic message.