Welcome to Hot Off The Throne!

Hot Off The Throne is the name of a series of prophetic messages from Father God and from Jesus Christ that Velma Davies has been receiving for the past 30 years.

In the Bible in Jeremiah 33:3, God invites us to “Call unto me and I will answer you …” In the Bible in the New Testament, Jesus tell us to “Ask and receive, that your joy might be full.”  Velma asks and Velma receives every time she asks.  All of the odd numbered messages are from Jesus Christ and all the even numbered messages are from Father God.

When Velma first began hearing from God, after she became Spirit filled with the gift of her prayer language (tongues), she began asking God to speak to her.  She asked, “Shall I ask Father God to speak to me, or should I ask Jesus to speak to me?”  The reply came, “It doesn’t matter which One of us speaks to you, as the message will be the same.”  So Velma alternates having them speak to her.  She now has 1081 prophetic messages written out and typed.  She speaks out a message from Father God and a message from Jesus.  She writes out a message from one of Them every week.

Prophetic messages are Velma’s first priority.  She also has four other projects.  She has published her monthly family newsletter, “The Garner News,” for 30 years with a prophetic message in every issue for 25 years.  She has published three books:  VICTORY IN JESUS, CHRISTMAS IN THE BIBLE BELT, and CHURCH GROWTH OUR FATHER GOD’S WAY.  She is a Graphic Designer and fine arts painter, who enjoys painting in watercolors, oils, and acrylics.  She has 44 charities that she contributes to monthly.  She has produced many note cards and sold them for funds for her charities.