Diary Report #258

Diary Report 258 (for December 2013)
December 23, 2013
To: Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan,
Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David, Stan and Barbara, and Doris

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Last month with November’s Diary Report, I put prophetic message 699 from Jesus and 700 from Father God. Then I put prophetic message 704 from Father God into the December Garner News. I plan to put 705 from Jesus and 706 from Father God with this Diary Report. I now have 710 prophetic messages written out and typed up, with the odd numbers being from Jesus, and the even numbers being from Father God. I have asked for and received every one of them. When I first began getting these messages, more than 26 years ago, I asked Them, “Who shall I ask to speak to me?” Their reply was, “It doesn’t matter which One of Us speaks to you, as the message will be the same.” Every time I ask Jesus and Father God to speak to me, They do, and the Holy Spirit is the One Who helps me to receive the messages. Nearly every morning, I ask Jesus and Father God to speak to me. When they speak to me in the mornings, I speak out their messages. Then once a week, I ask for a prophetic message that I can write out, with them taking turns with the messages. Every 13 weeks, with the 13 messages, I print about 280 copies of them and mail them to the largest newspapers in the United States for the syndicated newspaper column titled, “Hot Off The Throne.” So far as I know, for the past six years that I have been mailing them out, none of them have been published by these newspapers. Practically all of the newspapers have never even acknowledged receiving the mailings. Whenever I feel like discontinuing the quarterly mailing, which costs about $600.00 each, Father God encourages me to keep mailing them out to these newspapers, as He says, “These editors are reading them,” which only He would know. Since God provides the funds, knowledge, and energy to keep mailing them out, I will try to do so.

When I felt like giving up on the Garner News, Father God told me, “Keep them going. I have a purpose for it.” It takes me about 7 days to publish the Garner News and mail it to about 200 families at a cost of about $260.00 a month, which includes paper, toner, envelopes, labels, stamps, photos, and long-distance phone calls. Occasionally, people will give love offerings for part of the postage. God meets all the needs for the newsletter. We have now completed 24 issues in color, two full years, thanks to our cousin Inez Ingram in Mississippi who gave us the color printer. May our God bless her for it. When I work on the newsletter, on the first day, I prepare the 200 envelopes, prepare the prophecy for the center two pages, and print about 207 copies of it. It takes me an hour to print the 207 copies of them, then takes me three hours to print the other three pages, and takes me another three hours to fold, staple, stuff and mail it. It doesn’t take long to type it, after I round up all the information for it with letters, emails, and phone calls, along with the photos that I take at the yearly reunions in Mississippi, and the occasional photos snail mailed to me and emailed to me. I always worry (am concerned) when I begin each newsletter, that I don’t have enough information to fill up the last two pages of pages 7 and 8. However, if I will have enough faith and energy to go ahead and begin the newsletter, and complete the beginning pages, our God will ALWAYS send to me, on time, enough information to fill up those last two pages. Praise God! We have now published the Garner News for 26 years and have had 26 yearly Garner Reunions. I have put prophetic messages in every issue for 21 years. The baby photos we put in those first issues, are now having their own children’s photos in these latest issues. When I come home from these yearly Garner Reunions in Mississippi, and get all my dozens of photos developed, I look at them and think, like my dad Grover Garner thinks, “Damn, who do all these kids belong to!?” Then I have to send copies of the photos to the relatives, and have them identify all their children, grand-children, and great grands! All these Garner and Morgan relatives belong to only six families, so I need to contact only six relatives for the information. I also need to contact only these six relatives for all the names, with the correct spellings, for the list of people who attend the reunions, for me to publish the list in the newsletter. God’s Holy Spirit helps us with the lists. God’s Holy Spirit helps me to know what to put into the newsletter and what to leave out of the newsletter. I like to put in all the good news, and leave out most all of the bad news. If I put in all the bad news, it would read more like the worst soap opera you have ever heard.

I had to stop listening to those soap operas on TV, as they were breaking too many of the Ten Commandments. I decided long ago, “I don’t need this filth in my life!” For the past three months, I have not watched TV at all, as I would rather read good books. While I was at Lori’s house, I did watch, “Duck Dynasty” twice, which I enjoyed. Then I did read the two Duck Dynasty books including, “Happy, Happy, Happy”, by Phil Robertson. The last chapter in each of those books is the best chapter, where they tell us to help bring this nation back to God, and let God be Lord of our lives and Lord of our nation. In today’s Tennessean newspaper, the headlines read, “ ‘Duck Dynasty’ back on Cracker Barrel shelves. Restaurant chain apologizes after customer outcry.” I had to laugh at Phil Valentine talk for three hours on his radio show about the injustice done to Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty, when Phil has not even seen a single episode of the TV program. I greatly admire Phil Valentine, the way he talks with the people on the phone who call in to chat with him on his live radio program. It’s interesting how he treats the people who call in who disagree with his viewpoints—he lets them express their viewpoints, asks them questions, and has a calm, intelligent discussion with them, both telling all sides of the situation. Even the teenagers who phone in, he treats them as adults, lets them tell their viewpoints, and explains items to them that they may not understand. Phil is definitely a Christian, regularly attends a Southern Baptist church in Nashville, and knows his Bible teachings well. He also knows politics well, as he grew up with his father being a Democratic congressman for many years. He’s well-read with many newspapers, TV newscasts, news magazines, political friends, online news, and radio talk shows. He knows what’s going on locally, state-wise, nationally, and globally, and is frank in expressing his viewpoints from a Christian perspective. I absolutely did not know whom to vote for in the local, state, and national elections until I began listening to Phil Valentine on radio on a regular basis, where he interviews candidates and congressmen. Brownie Moore, my friend at church, got me hooked on listening to Phil on talk radio. Phil not only has discussions with his father and brothers and wife and sons about all the news happenings, but he has discussions with all people of different religions and beliefs who phone in. He likes to hear their sides of the stories. He doesn’t just hang up on people who disagree with him, like most other radio talk-show hosts. Two of his three sons are now in college, and he likes to discuss with them what is being taught in their college classes. He encourages his sons to stand up for their own beliefs in college. Phil also has a great sense of humor on his radio show. He always has a big to-do about, “Thank God it’s FRIDAY!”, with someone famous “dancing in the booth” that he always comments ad lib on. When I first started listening to him, I actually believed him when he said, “Sara Palin is dancing in the booth!” He always jokes about his, “vast staff researching something”, which I suspect is Johnny B, his sidekick, looking something up on Google. He is also fighting this global-warming farce, and even made a film rebuking it. This film is now being shown in theatres nationally and shown in classes on college campuses—becoming more popular daily. PTL! I like it when Phil talks about his old car “Bennie” that he makes his own bio-diesel fuel for and drives it around town. I like it when he comments on his wife, his sons, his farm, his finances, his experiences, his lack-of-college education, his past employments, his disagreements with his dad on politics, his travels, his viewpoints on all of the news happenings. I agree with him on most things, however, I disagree with him on these two things: Daily washing your hair does not cause baldness—but using cream rinse daily does cause some—I had to stop using it, as it was causing my hair to thin out. Also, working your way through college gives you a double education—not only do you learn a specialized field, but you also learn time management and money management—and if you don’t learn these two extra things, you probably won’t make it through graduation—or you’ll get sick—or worse. Anyway, I’m glad he’s giving his sons a college education, even if he didn’t want it for himself. He tells his sons, “Find something to do with your life that you are passionate about, and stick with it!” It worked for him, I’ll say! God is good! He’s been asked to run for political office, but he doesn’t want to live in Wash., D.C.

When I entered Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, the first day of class, my drawing teacher was himself a recent graduate of the same college. The first thing he said to us was, “Look around you at the 30 students in this class. In two years, half of you will have dropped out. In four years, only three of you will graduate.” With God’s help, I was one of the three who graduated. But my health was totally broken. I had a combination of strep throat and mononucleosis. I had to move back home and rest up for six months to regain my health. While there as a student, I realized the four main reasons that the students drop out. One was because it was so expensive as a private school that they couldn’t afford to continue. One was because the workload of 80 to 100 hours a week with the classes and homework was too strenuous, and some of the students’ health failed them because of it. One was because the teacher’s criticisms were so harsh, like when a teacher said something like, “Get this garbage off the wall and start over again, and next time do more research!” Their little egos just couldn’t take it. The other main reason was because some of them planned to attend there for only a few of the eight semesters just to polish the art skills they already had. About 1/3 of the students there were from foreign countries, and they must maintain a “B average” or their government would make them come home. One foreign student got bleeding ulcers over this. One foreign student nearly committed suicide over this. One foreign student doubled up on his assignments over this. I was the lucky one—no one cared if my grades were below a B average. No one cared if I did not have passing grades. No one cared if I dropped out. No one cared if I didn’t graduate. No one cared if my assignments weren’t in on time. I was in Los Angeles for 4 ½ years, and never once did either of my parents, who lived 1,000 miles north, come to visit me. However, my sister Carolyn and her family came once, and my sister Pauline came once. Also, my brother Cliff came once. The only person who came to my graduation was Mrs. Thelma Brown, the Jewish lady that I had lived with for the last four semesters while in school. When I took the Greyhound bus home to Longview, Washington, my dad met me at the bus station and gave me a ride home. He asked me, “What have you got in the fishing tackle box?” I replied, “That’s my art supplies.” He asked, “Have you been taking art?” I replied, “Dad, I just graduated from the best art college in the nation, and you didn’t know I was taking art? What did you think I was taking for the last four years?” He said, “I thought you were going to be a school teacher or a nurse.” I replied, “No, Dad. I took art. I’m an artist.” Thomas Kinkade attended Art Center for a while and then dropped out. I don’t know why, but it was probably due to one of those four reasons. But he did land a good job at Disney painting background scenes for cartoons. That’s where he perfected his “painter of light” signature, with light in every window of the buildings. When I look at his paintings, I have to laugh and say with the little boy on the phone, “Hi, Mom and Dad. I hope you are enjoying your vacation trip. Every light in the house is on, and I’m running with the scissors!” Ha! He was also a “painter of darks” or those lights would not be visible. Joy!

But, anyway, I wrote all that to write the following. My God is the One who encouraged me to go to Art Center. The Lord told me before I left Washington state for California, “Don’t come home until you have to,” meaning for me to stay in art school as long as possible. I had enough money saved to get me through the first half of the first semester. The very day that I spent my last dollar, I got a job as part-time typist in the college office. Then I worked sorting mail at the post office during the Christmas rush season. Then I lived with two families and got free room and board, got a student loan for tuition, and got a loan from my sweet brother Cliff, and completed my first four semesters. Then I worked as a graphic designer for Gospel Light for 16 months while attending night classes at Art Center, living with two lady friends in downtown Hollywood, taking the buses to Glendale to work, and attending Hollywood Presbyterian Church across the street from our apartment. After saving half of my take-home pay toward more college, I moved in with the Jewish family and finished my last four semesters at Art Center and graduated. Many, many times, I was desperate to drop out, but my God ALWAYS encouraged me to finish, and it was only by the help of God that I was able to finish. On my one-way bus ride home, the Lord spoke to me and asked, “Did you lack anything?” I looked back over the past 4 ½ years in California and realized that I had not missed a single meal, except the one day I chose to fast, while many of the other students were living on beans only or missing meals. So I answered the Lord, “All that worrying for nothing!” My three main worries were: Where is next semester’s tuition coming from? and How can I get this assignment in on time? and Where is the next date coming from? The Lord always met all my needs on time. I left there owing only $3,500.00 in a government loan that I paid off in 10 equal payments in 10 years as required, with Hugh making the last payment. God is good. (Many people have not yet paid back their loans.)

Now, God is encouraging me to do more painting for six days a week, for at least an hour each day. And God is making it easy for me to do so. I have not painted for the last four months. I did try to teach the three-hour art class at the Brentwood Library on December 4. I had four students attend. The plan was to spend the first ½ of the class time drawing, have a quick break, and then finish the paintings in watercolors. We were able to finish putting our drawings onto the watercolor paper, but had little time to work on the paintings until the three hours were up. We needed about another hour to finish. The students took the supplies home with them to finish. However, I want us to have another session to finish the paintings after the first of the year. Robyn at the Library suggested that I have the class again, and have it in two sessions, one for drawing and the other for painting, as she said she has others who want to take the class, but didn’t sign up in time to take it. So, I would like to do that in January, if possible, and invite the previous four students to come finish their paintings. I’m also doing some more research on doing large oil paintings of the 50 Governors’ Mansions. I now have three books with colored photos and have computer printouts. Also, I want to travel to nearby states and make my own photos for research. God is encouraging me to get going on this project. PTL!

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