Diary Report #259

Diary Report 259 (for January 2014)

January 30, 2014

To: Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan,
Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David, Stan and Barbara, and Doris

Greetings! I put Prophetic Message 713 from Lord Jesus into the January Garner News, so I will include message 714 from Father God and 715 from Lord Jesus with this Diary Report.

The Lord has been testing me with these prophetic messages. He wants me to receive one a week, type them, proofread them three times, format them, print them at Office Depot monthly, collate them, and mail out 13 of them every three months to the largest 274 newspapers in the United States for the weekly newspaper column called, “Hot Off The Throne.” I began mailing them out to the top 300 newspapers over six years ago, which was six of the largest newspapers in each of the 50 states. Since then, 26 of these newspapers have gone out of business, or do not wish to receive these messages. Nearly all 26 of them have gone out of business. Father God told me, “In 2014 will complete the seven-year trial of mailing them out.” I need to mail them out for three more quarters to complete the seven years. The Lord told me that if I am faithful to keep mailing them out on time, that in due time, God will put His anointing on these editors, and they will print these messages. Father God told me, “When these messages are printed in these newspapers, they will go out and win many people to the Lord who are not attending any church, and they will cause many people to come out of sin and live for God.” Praise God. Father God also told me, “These prophetic messages are your number one work priority. Keep up to date weekly in preparing them.” Last month, when I got two messages behind, Father God told me, “Do not go to bed at night until you have worked some on these messages until you get caught up,” which took me six hours to get caught up. Father God also told me, “Satan is fighting these prophetic messages. You have more tests to go through.”

I want to tell you about one test that God’s Holy Spirit brought me through. I have been taking my friend, Janie Lamb, to our Sunday School class on Sunday mornings at Oasis Church, where I have been attending for the past 36 years, which merged with our Lord’s Chapel church about ten years ago. After the Sunday School class, I take Janie home and then I go to the third worship service at Bethel World Outreach Church which meets in our old Lord’s Chapel’s church building in Brentwood. I planned to join Bethel, and planned to attend the new member’s class the following Saturday morning. Before I went to the class, I talked with Pastor Rice Broocks at Bethel. I gave to him in a folder my three previous Diary Reports with the six prophetic messages, and told him that I planned to join the church. I told him that when I join the church that I need two church leaders to read the two prophetic messages to make sure they are scripturally right, and read the monthly Diary Reports to make sure that Velma is living for the Lord. I told him that I have over 700 prophetic messages written out and typed up, with ½ of them from Father God and ½ of them from Lord Jesus. He replied, “That’s impossible, as Jesus and Father God are the same person.” I proceeded to give him four scriptures in the Bible that show that Jesus, Father God, and the Holy Spirit are three separate Beings, but are always in one accord, like at Jesus’ water baptism, at Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain, the verse that states that Jesus is seated in heaven at the right hand of Father God, and when Jesus prayed, “Our Father, which art in heaven.” He kept saying that there is only ONE, and that that is Jesus, that Father God and the Holy Spirit are within Jesus, and are not separate from Jesus.

I came home and prayed to Father God about my conversation with Pastor Rice. Father God said, “I told you there are flaws in each of my churches, and you have just found the flaw at Bethel. You were in a trial to see how you would answer him. You answered him correctly by giving him four scriptures. You came through that trial with flying colors.” Later, I wrote out what Father God said and gave it to Pastor Rice. He read it out loud, laughed, cast it aside, and said, “That’s not from God.” He also said, “Do not go to that new member’s class on Saturday. Do not join this church, if you do not believe like I do, as I am the leader of this church. If you don’t believe like I do, do not even visit this church.” I did not go to the new member’s class. I talked with Jesus about what Pastor Rice had said to me, and Jesus said, “You can go and visit Bethel Church any time you want to.” So I have been going there for the third service on Sunday mornings.

I think that God has a sense of humor. One of the things that I said to Pastor Rice when I talked with him is, “I’m not asking to be a prophetic voice in this church.” He replied, “No. But if you are a member here, it will appear to people that we approve of you as a prophet, and we cannot do that.” Then when Pastor James preached his sermon on tithing, he gave each of us in the audience a $5.00 bill and told us to give it away. I asked Father God where should I give it, and He replied, “Give it for postage for the newsletter.” So I did, and I put into the newsletter that Bethel Church gave funds for postage for the newsletter. The newsletter always has a prophetic message in it, so it appears as though Bethel supports these prophecies. Ha! God has a sense of humor, I believe. Also, Father God told me, “Any pastor who judges a prophet without knowing them, this is a sign of pride. Also, any pastor who judges prophetic messages without reading a single one, this is a sign of pride.”

When I have mailed out these prophetic message to these newspapers, that I never hear back from, three times, different people have commented online in articles about the content of these messages. Their favorite thing to say about them is, “God didn’t write these. Velma wrote these. God would never speak in that language.” I will be glad when God reveals some hidden messages encoded in these prophetic messages that foretell the future—like every 173 letter skips forward, or every 54 letter skips backward, as is what happens in the Bible Code. And when these letter-skip messages foretell the future, and the hidden message actually comes true in the future, then that will silence the writers who say, “Velma wrote this,” as no human being is capable of doing this. God told me once a long time ago, “Your son Alan will be the one who finds these hidden messages.” Alan is a computer whiz, as most of you know, as he is a Software Engineer with Electronic Arts, building computer games. Father God also said, “When these hidden messages are found, your book, Christmas in The Bible Belt, which includes the prophetic messages will go around the world, and will win many people to Jesus for salvation, and will cause many people to come out of sin and live for God. You will receive a great income from the sale of this book.” So we will see if any of these prophetic messages from Father God come true in due time. Is anything too hard for God?

Then another interesting thing happened last Monday. Pastor Bishop Omukubah, the black Pastor from Kenya who won Hugh to the Lord, was passing through Brentwood on his way back to Birmingham, phoned and wanted us to go to lunch. We agreed to meet at Vittles restaurant in Brentwood at 12:00 noon. After we hung up the phone, I phoned our mutual friend Sherry Cline and invited her to join us. She agreed to come. I picked up Sherry at her house at 11:40 a.m. and drove us to Vittles. We were both very happy to meet Bishop Omukubah who arrived shortly after we did, and we gave a round of hugs. Sherry shared a photo of her daughter and grand-daughters with us, and asked him to pray for her mother Janie who is having cancer treatments. I shared the photos with him of my family on the recent cover of the family newsletter. He shared some of his family photos, who are all still in Kenya, that he had on his cell phone. We had a good lunch (and I treated us). Before we left, I wanted to ask Bishop Omukubah this question: “When we get to heaven, do you believe that we will see Father God, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit as three separate Beings in one accord, or do you think we will see only Jesus?” He replied, “We will see only Jesus, as Father God and Holy Spirit are within Jesus. There are not three separate Gods.” I quoted the four scriptures to him, of Jesus being in the water at baptism, Father God speaking from heaven, and the Holy Spirit coming down as a dove, and of Jesus seated at Father God’s right hand. He said, “Jesus is Father God’s right hand. He is not seated at Father God’s right hand.” I told him that my Bible says, “seated”. He went on to explain to me how Father God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all One, and that One is Jesus. I listened calmly to what he had to say and asked him many questions about his beliefs. After we gave a round of hugs and said goodbye, we left the restaurant. While driving Sherry home, she said something like this, “I believe the Three are separate, as I pray to Father God, and I always end it in Jesus’ name, and I thank the Holy Spirit for helping me to pray.”

Last Sunday at Oasis Church, I had a chance to speak briefly with David Garner, who is on full-time staff at Oasis who reads these Diary Reports and prophetic messages. I spoke with him about what Pastor Rice believes, and asked David what he believes. He said that he believes that they are three separate Beings, all in one accord. He said that he believes all the leaders of Oasis believe this way also. So I told him that I may come back to Oasis Church, since I can’t become a member of Bethel. However, I do greatly enjoy Pastor James Lowe’s good sermons at Bethel. Father God has told me many times in these prophetic messages, “Father God, Jesus, and God’s Holy Spirit are three separate Beings, but are always in one accord.” It’s also interesting to me that when I read about the many people who have visited the throne room in heaven who have died, come back to life, and have written about it, they ALL say that Jesus is seated at the right hand of Father God, and that Father God is separate from Jesus. When the father of the little Burpo boy asked him, “If Jesus is at the right hand of Father God, who is at the left hand of Father God?”, and he replied, “The angel Gabriel.” Interesting!

Well, I want to write about a couple more items in the space left. Toward the last of December, Father God spoke to me and said something like, “Get the book, I Declare by Joel Osteen, and speak it over your life daily, and watch your life improve during 2014.” So I did get the book and spoke out the messages over my life daily for the 31 days given in the book, completing it two days ago. Now I am going through it again for the next 31 days. To me, it’s like Father God saying to each of us to just come up and sit in His lap and let Him put His arms around us and tell us all the good things that He is going to do for us and all the good things that He is going to give us in our beautiful future here on earth—that He will abundantly provide for us, protect us, give us great joy and happiness, and make us successful in all the good things we do and say. It’s all very inspiring, I believe. I wanted all my family to have this book and proclaim it over their lives for 2014, so I went online and ordered 12 of these books from 12 different companies to be mailed to my house for only $59.00, which amounts to less than $5.00 each. These are all used hardcopy books in good condition. I plan to mail six to my relatives, and give out six to my friends at Oasis Church.

I also want to write a bit about my art work. I still have not done any of my art work for the past five months. Father God gave me a prophetic dream about my art work. Tubes of oil paints cost $16.00 each at JoAnn’s, where I usually buy them. In my dream, it showed several tubes of oil paints, about a dozen tubes, with a line drawn under them, then the numbers below that of l.88, as though all these tubes together cost only $1.88. Sherry Folk, who lives at my house, has the gift of interpreting dreams, so I asked her what it meant. She said that the number 8 means a special blessing from God, and the double eights means a double blessing from God on your art work. The double blessing to me means that God’s Holy Spirit will help me to paint, and will help me to market my paintings. Father God also spoke to me and said, “The number one in the dream means that God will bless your art work in one year.” Recently Father God spoke to me and said, “I am going to take the anointing that was on Thomas Kincade and put it on you.” At one time in his later life, Thomas Kincade was selling his paintings for $300,000.00 each, and people were lined up to buy them. But he did not give God the glory for his success. Recently I visited the Hunter Art Museum in Chattanooga. It was an inspiration to me. Many artists’ names I recognized. Praise God! I need to paint one hour a day for six days a week. Joy!

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