Diary Report #265

Diary Report 265  (for July 2014)

July 26-28, 2014

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan, Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David, and Doris

Greetings!  I plan to put Prophetic Message #742 from Father God into the August Garner News, so I will put Prophetic Message #740 from Father God and #741 from Lord Jesus with this Diary Report.  I put a copy of Prophetic Message #733 from Lord Jesus with my 88 charity checks that I mailed out on July 16, and am putting #734 from Father God with the 88 charity checks that I plan to mail out on August 20, 2014.

After Pauline read my last report about our Israel trip, she emailed to me some corrections that I want to add here:  Golan Lindsay’s fiancé told Pauline that she was originally from El Salvador, Central America, but they moved to Honduras.  She also told Pauline that she is a lawyer.  Later, I got an email update from Christ For The Nations, and it reported that they have set their wedding date for October.  PTL!

Since Christ For The Nations is one of my charities, I hear from them on a regular basis.  They work with four charities in Israel which our group visited.  I got a letter from them recently that told of the severe damage going on now in Israel, that many buildings have been harmed, and that it is impossible for the small shop owners to work to have an income.  People are having to stay at home and are unable to even go outside to get food.  The local people are really hurting from all the missile attacks.  Christ For The Nations sent one of their missions there $15,000.00 just to help the people get the food that they so desperately need.

Back in March when I was considering the trip to Israel for Pauline and me, I knew of two trips—the one in May/June with Christ For The Nations, and one with a different group in August.  I was considering the one in August would be the best, as it would give me more time to save up the funds for our trip and to pay more on my dental work I had done.  But the Lord told me, “Sign up TODAY for the trip with Christ For The Nations!”  So I immediately paid the $600.00 deposit for our trip.  I am so glad that the Lord encouraged us to go in May/June, because the war over there now would have prevented us from going in August.  They even closed flights from the U.S. to Tel Aviv airport for a 48 hour period.    Tel Aviv is the only airport in Israel.  When I met my cab driver at the Tel Aviv airport, I remarked to him how very busy the airport was.  He replied, “It’s always this busy 24/7 year round.  It never lets up!”  From the looks of all the abundance of tour buses all over Israel, with people visiting from all over the world, a lot of their economy is from the tourist trade.  It’s terrible that all that has now come to a screeching halt with all the war going on!  A former leader of Israel once said, “If Hamas stops the missiles, the war will end.  If Israel stops the missiles, Israel will be destroyed.”  Israel has to fight to defend itself!  God is helping Israel to defend itself!  I am praying daily for peace over there.  God is still in control!  If the militant Muslims think they can wipe Israel off the map, they do not know the power of Israel’s God!  On July 27, 2014 the Tennessean newspaper reported:

“More than 1,000 Palestinians, including civilians, have been killed since the conflict began on July 8.  Another 6,000 have been wounded.  In Israel, 43 have died, including 40 soldiers, two civilians and a Thai worker.”  War is so very tragic, as it harms so many people with such great loss.  Many of the Israeli soldiers are the recent high school graduates who are drafted.  Terrible!

We American’s not only need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we also need to pray for the United States, that it will be brought back to God as head of this nation.  The latest poll shows that 33% of the people want to impeach President Obama, but it will be difficult to get two-thirds of the Democratic Senate to vote for his impeachment.  We need to pray that Christians will be put in office at our next election in August, to bring this nation back to God, to make God the leader of this nation as our founding fathers set up the nation to begin with.

Dr. Ben Carson is now beginning to run for US President in 2016.  The Lord told me, “You may give him a campaign contribution,” so I gave him $75.00 to help his campaign.  He is a strong Christian.  You may remember him from the speech he gave at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast when he stood up to President Obama and told him that Obamacare would never work, and why his redistribution of income policies were unjust and immoral.  I like the way Carson ended his speech with, “Our national bird is the American Eagle.  It uses both its wings to fly. The Democrats and Republicans must work together to accomplish much good in government.”

Dr. Ben Carson, the black world-famous neurosurgeon, has written six books, and I have read three of them:  Gifted Hands, Think Big, and America The BeautifulHis latest book is about uniting America, One Nation, which is fast becoming a best seller.  People like his ideas on how to get this nation back into a winning situation with obeying our constitution, securing the borders, cutting the national debt by 10% a year, replacing Obamacare with a better solution, having a flat tax, ending abortion, having marriage between a man and a woman, coming back to Judeo Christian values, no Marxist redistribution of income, smaller government for freedom of people to seek prosperity, replacing welfare with a path to self-reliance, appointing judges totally committed to the Constitution, avoiding a dictatorship, having the right to keep and bear arms, having Democrats and Republicans work together to solve problems, getting rid of the war on religion, and getting back to prayer.  Dr. Carson said, “While values, knowledge and compassion are key for getting America back on track, the most important thing is prayer.”

When Hugh worked at Vanderbilt Medical College, Hugh told me that Dr. Carson was coming to Vanderbilt and would speak to the medical students there, and asked me if I would like to hear him.  “Of course!”  So Hugh and I went and heard him lecture for ½ hour, and then he asked for questions.  My hand was the first to go up, and my question was, “Do you pray before surgery?”  His answer was, “Oh, absolutely!  We ALWAYS pray before surgery!”  I really do believe that he should be our next US President, as we need a praying President in the White House, who prays to our true Father God in Jesus’ name, and not prays to the false god of Allah!  I believe Allah is Satan, and he is trying to take over the world for his seven year reign.

Well, I had not planned to write about any of this.  I just sat down and started typing, and this is what came out.  For many years now, when I am at home, I praise God for an hour every morning with singing and dancing to Christian CDs.  Then I ask Father God to speak to me, and He always does.  Then I praise God for a second hour and ask Jesus to speak to me, and He always does.  When I knew I was going on the 13 day Georgia and Florida trip, the Lord told me to continue to praise Him for two hours daily while on this trip.  So I tried to do that and somewhat succeeded.  Then Father God told me to praise Him for two hours daily while on the 10 day Israel trip—but we were on the go so much that I didn’t even try to do it.  I didn’t mean to be completely disobedient, it was just so inconvenient to do so.  After I got back home, I was almost afraid to ask Father God to speak to me, as I was expecting Him to say, “Why didn’t you even TRY to obey me!!??”  But, when I asked Father God to speak to me, all He said to me about it was, “Welcome back!” and He reminded me of the welcome back of the prodigal son by his father.  Such love!  Such forgiveness!  Such joy!  Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, who is lead pastor of the largest church in the whole world, located in South Korea, praises God for four hours a day, and HE DOES THIS EVEN WHEN HE TRAVELS!  Is it any wonder that our God is able to use him and to reward him for this with his successful church?  I read recently that a great Christian revival is now going on all over South Korea.  This is what we need now in the USA!

What I planned to write about in this report are some of the things that our Father God has been teaching me recently.  As most of you probably already know, I have worked my way through college twice with three degrees.  I have always said, “When you work your way through college, you get a double education.”  Your second education is learning time management and money management.  If you don’t learn these two things, you probably won’t make it through to graduation, as your money will fail, or your health will fail, or your grades will fail, or all three, or worse!  Even now, as I have each month six projects and twelve tidbits that I like to work on, I still pray often, “Lord, please help me with time management and money management.”  One morning Father God spoke to me and said, “I can not only help you with time management and money management, I can help you with clothes management, food management, projects management, shopping management, vacations management, and everything else in your life that you do.  I can cause ALL things in your life to prosper!”  Praises to my Father God for His love and His power working through me and through us.  He showed to me in the Bible when the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon and heard his wisdom, saw his food, saw his servants’ clothing, saw his riches, and saw how he worshipped his God, she marveled at his wisdom, accomplishments, and power given to him by his God to govern his nation.  She left Solomon richer than when she arrived, not only in material goods, but all of her hard questions to him had been answered.  All this wisdom was given to Solomon because HE ASKED GOD FOR WISDOM!

One morning when I was praying about my six monthly projects, as I was lamenting the fact that I had not done any work on two of them for about ten months, the art work and the writing of books, Father God spoke to me and said, “Learn to ENJOY working on these projects like a surfer enjoys riding the waves—feel the thrill, the joy, the power—and if you fall off, get up and go at it again!”  He also revealed to me that walking daily with God is a thrilling, joyful, and powerful experience!  He showed to me, “If you are not enjoying the thrill, the joy, and the power of living life daily with God, you are not praising God enough!” because the joy, the thrill, and the power are given to those who praise God enough!

My six monthly projects are:  A written prophecy each week with 13 mailed to 270 newspapers each quarter, 88 charity checks mailed each month, The Garner News of eight pages mailed to over 200 families each month, this four-page Diary Report mailed to eleven people each month, the one-hour daily art work preparing for the Christmas Open House of Show and Sell, the two books that are now about ½ finished of Friends Helping Friends, and Art Lessons Beyond The Classes.  Our God is now helping me greatly with all six of these projects.  The two that I enjoy most are the written prophetic messages, as I learn so very much from God, and I want them to go out and be a witness for God.  The other is of writing the monthly charity checks.  The Lord leads me to write five checks every morning, date them for the third Wednesday of next month when I receive my Social Security check for $2,123.00, put them into envelopes along with a printed prophetic message without the stamps, and put them into my decorated box.  The day before the SS check arrives, I add the stamps.  The next day, money in, money out, same day!  Joy!  For the past three months, I have also been adding an extra $100.00 to the giving fund.  I now have 124+ charities and give to some only every other month.

The Lord is helping me to improve the monthly Garner News.  I have now put it out for the past 27 years, with the past 22 years including a prophetic message in every issue.  I rarely ever hear if anyone even reads it—but this past issue, I heard from three people who said that they enjoyed it.  At this past Father’s Day, God’s Holy Spirit gave me the idea to have my cousins write about their fathers for the newsletter, so I wrote to eight people and asked them to write about their fathers and/or uncles.  I heard from six of them.  Praise God.  I had no idea what to expect from them, as “everybody knows that all those old Garner men are nothing but a bunch of drunks.”  One Garner cousin told me on the phone, “I sat down and wrote the whole article about Dad’s drinking.  After I finished it, I thought about it more, and then rewrote it about the good things he did in his life.”  I know our God helped her to rewrite it.  Praise God.

Our next yearly Garner Reunion is coming up Saturday, August 9, 2014 in Rawls Springs, Mississippi at the Community Center.  Lori’s family and I plan to attend as usual.  I now have over 100 Christian books for adults to give away and have 75 children’s books to give away. My sister, Carolyn Hill in California, made and mailed to me 20 baby quilts.  She requested that half of them be given away at the reunion, and half of them be given to the Tennessee mountain people with Shirley Terry’s ministry.  I plan to make over 100 photos at the reunion to be used in our newsletters every month all next year, as I do every year.  My cousin Dot Murphy and her husband Jim are in charge of the reunion, and help to make it a great success every year.

In our Garner family, all of our older parents’ generation has now passed away, and all that remain are the cousins.  Of the 19 boy cousins and 16 girl cousins to begin with, there are now only 4 boy cousins still living and 14 girl cousins still living.  Of these girl cousins still living, many of them are now widows.  God’s Holy Spirit showed to me to invite these cousin widows to each write the three best things about being married to their husbands when they were alive. I recently received the article with two photos from my sister Carolyn in California.  Wonderful!

It’s such a joy to work on the Garner News when I have some GOOD NEWS to go into it! In our family as I was second of five children born in Mississippi, Mom cooked our meals on a wooden stove.  I never once heard her complain about the work of cooking, but occasionally I did hear her say, “I wish I had something good to cook,” when all she had to cook was that delicious cornbread, made without sugar, that she made FIRST with EVERY dinner and supper.

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