Diary Report #280

Diary Report #280  (for October 2015)

November 20, 2015

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan, Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David and Phyllis, Doris, Stan and Barbara, Pastor Bobby, and Pastor Danny

      Greetings to all!

  • I put into the last Diary Report Prophetic Messages #800 and #801
  • I will put into this Diary Report Prophetic Messages #804 and #805
    (Correction from last Diary Report:  I began putting prophecies into the Garner Newsletter in 1992, and have continued ever since.)
  • I put into the last Garner News Prophetic Message #803 from Lord Jesus.
  • I will put into the next Garner News Prophetic Message #808 from Father God.
  • I put with the monthly 86 charity checks for November Prophetic Message #806 plus others.
  • I will put with the monthly 86 charity checks for December Prophetic Message #807.

I was able, with the help of Karen Holmes, to get the September Garner News into the mail on October 6.  However, it took me until November 18 to get the October Garner News into the mail. For each issue, I print 230 copies of the eight page newsletter.  The Lord helped me to find enough information to fill up the eight pages, so I went ahead and printed half of the 230 copies and got them collated, stapled, and ready to stuff into the prepared envelopes.  My computer got a virus.  Karen worked on it for many hours for two days, but could not get rid of the virus.  So, I took it to Office Depot on Saturday and for a fee of $208.00, they were able to fix it, and had it ready for me to pick up just before they closed on Monday evening.  Meanwhile, I had gone to Oasis Church Sunday School on Sunday morning and stayed for the next service, when Pastor Adonis gave his good sermon, when Pastors Danny and Jillian were out of town.

On my way out of the church parking lot, in front of me was an Elantra automobile, and I saw that it was NOT a Honda Elantra, but was a Hyundai Elantra.  Joni, in Georgia, had given to me her information on the phone about her and her sister’s new cars, and what I thought I heard her say was that they both got Honda Elantras.  Then God’s Holy Spirit showed to me that I had two mistakes on the back page of half of the printed newsletters.  I wanted to make the two corrections before I printed the other half of the newsletters, but I had to wait until I could get my computer back late Monday evening.  I made the corrections on Tuesday, and put into the mail all but the last 80 newsletters that were going to the local area of Nashville.  Karen helped me to design the flyer for my Christmas Open House Art Show.  I printed about 80 copies of it, and included a copy in each of the last local newsletters, and mailed them out on Wednesday.  This is probably the only advertising that I will do for the Art Show.

Meanwhile, the third Wednesday of the month is when I receive Hugh’s Social Security check of $2,161.00, so that is the day that I like to pay all my 86 monthly charities.  I had all the checks made out ahead of time, in their envelopes with the prophetic messages included in each, and had them stamped, and was able to mail them—same day money in is same day money out!  Joy!  Then I go to three banks, cash six checks for cash, put money onto David-in-Arizona’s debit card, put cash into four people’s bank accounts, go to Walmart and send a Moneygram to a missionary in the Philippines, and mail my other checks.  Since David had his 51st birthday on November 13, I put extra on his debit card this month.  He is still living on the streets in Mesa, AZ.  Since it is getting cold at night there now, I have been praying for a safe and warm place for him to live, and for him to find a job that he is able to work at with his disability.  He is the son of my friend Betty Grunden, who passed away.  They lived together before she died, and it took both of their incomes of his disability check and her Social Security check to pay their apartment rent and utilities.  After she died, David couldn’t pay the rent, so he has been living on the streets now for several years.  He needs more help.  But if I gave more to him, I would have to take it away from my other charities, and I just don’t feel led to do that right now.

Father God told me that He is going to double my income.  When He does that, I have about another hundred charities that I want to give to monthly, in addition to the 123 that I have now.  Some of these that I have now, I give to every other month, is why I write only 86 checks a month.  There are so many great needs out there now.  I believe that if all the Christians were to tithe, that none of these one-in-five children in the US would need to go to bed hungry every night.  I also believe that if we promoted Jesus Christ and His teachings world wide more, that there would be less violence, less divorce, less pornography, less crime, less illness, less corruption, less evil, less unemployment, less clubfoot, less cleft pallet, less human trafficking, less polluted water, less incarceration, and less hunger, misery, and unhappiness.  There would be more food, clothing, education, immunizations, clean water wells, medicine, animals, fruit trees, sewing machines, back packs, school supplies, mosquito nets, and bicycles given.  There would be better dental work, better houses, better transportation, better churches, better lifestyle, more forgiveness, and a totally better way of life for many, many people.  I believe that our God is holding us responsible for being “our brother’s keeper.”  I believe that most Christians, when they see the needs of the helpless, they will want to help.

I read somewhere that there are 85% Christians in America, and only 8% of the Christians tithe. In the last few weeks, God has been teaching me a lot about finances—God’s way of our handling finances.  I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church and loved every minute of it.  I heard a whole lot of sermons on, “Bring Ye All The Gross Tithe Into The Storehouse.”  When I began reading the whole Bible for myself, I was amazed to find that not every third chapter in the Bible was on tithing—because it had seemed to me that every third sermon was on tithing.  The Southern Baptist keep very accurate records on their church membership, their church finances, and their tithers.  I read that the average Southern Baptist Church has 85 members and have 10% of them tithers.  When I read that, I found it hard to believe, as I thought, “After all those sermons on tithing, about the only families tithing are the pastor’s and the choir director’s!”

I heard in one sermon at Oasis Church, that it’s so sad that so many people are so sick, when Jesus has already paid for their healing.  They need to rise up and claim their physical healing in Jesus’ holy name.  I think it is so sad that only 8% of the Christians are reaping the rewards of paying tithes and offerings.  It has been said, “Velma is giving away her children’s inheritance, by giving so much to all those charities.”  The truth is that these gifts to these charities are an investment in the future lives of my children and grandchildren.  The Bible teaches that the righteous leave an inheritance for their children’s children.  God showed to me the meaning of the Bible verse, “Give and it will be given back to you, full measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be given back to you . . .”  God showed to me that this verse means, “You will receive back double what you give.”  This is the truth, as we know that God cannot lie.

I am now in the process of changing some of my annuity investments.  I was talking with my bank financial planner, and I asked him, “Do you know of any financial investments with 100% return guaranteed?”  He replied, “No.  There are none.”  I told him, “I know of only one, and it is called tithes and offerings.  The Bible says to give and you will receive back double, and God cannot lie.”  I have heard many times in these prophetic messages from God when He states, “It’s possible to tithe your way out of debt.”  I believe that there is such a great need for families to get out of debt.  Seven years ago, I read that the average family had $7,000.00 worth of credit card debt.  I read recently that the average family now has $15,000.00 worth of credit card debt.  I also read that about 85% of divorces are because of squabbles over financial problems.  I read that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.  I read that 67% of  black children and 25% of white children are living with only one parent (in 2013).  I would like to do an experiment with 40 families, who are in debt, who are not tithers.  Have them meet weekly as a group for 50 weeks and teach them the benefits of tithing.  Have Father God give to us 50 prophetic messages on the benefits of tithing, and help them to begin giving a percent of their income on a regular basis, to help the helpless with love to God’s glory, and just see what our God will do for them in only one year.  I would like for each family to keep a weekly record of their financial progress.  I believe at least four things will happen:  Their income will increase, their debt will decrease, the leaks in their wallet will be plugged up so there will be less expense, and their health and happiness will increase.  It’s been said, “This is the only place in the Bible where God says, Trust Me and try Me in this, and see if I won’t pour out on you so many benefits that there won’t be room enough to receive all of them.”  After this one year experiment, I would like to put their 40 families’ testimonies into book form, with the 50 prophetic messages, and name the book, “Tithe Your Way Out of Debt.”  This project of 50 lessons on tithing could be taught in many churches to help people and even help churches get out of debt.

Dave Ramsey has helped a great many people get rid of their financial debt and lead healthier and happier lives.  I read in the Brentwood paper recently an article about Dave Ramsey, who lives in Brentwood.  It stated that he is going to relocate from his four-story building in the CoolSpring area to several acres south of Franklin, and build an 18 million dollar complex of buildings.  It’s amazing what God has done through Dave Ramsey, when you think of it.  It all began with Dave writing only one book in his living room on Financial Peace, self-publishing it, trying to market it out of the trunk of his car, with practically no sales, until he went on talk radio.  When he first tried to market it, he announced on the radio that he was going to have a free live conference to help people with their troubled finances.  Since he invited his radio audience to attend, he had no idea how many would show up.  He rented a large room and set up 500 chairs.  Seven people showed up.  That was only the beginning.  Now thousands show up at his live teaching seminars.  His best-seller books have now sold more than ten million copies.  He employs over 500 people, and is looking to hire that many more after he relocates.  He gives God the glory for his finances and for his success.  To me, it’s amazing that this now “18 million dollar complex” is being built on helping broke-and-in-debt people.  Only the power of God can do this—create something great out of nothing!  The amazing part is that people don’t realize that God can and will work with and for them, even as He has worked with Dave Ramsey.  If people would only get in tune with God, become a servant of the people, help people where they are hurting, give help with love to the glory of God, there is no high limit to where our God can take them.  God loves all His children the same, and what God will do for one of them, He will do for any of them, when the right conditions are met.  It’s just that people don’t know the love of God and the power of God, because if they did, they would TRUST God more to meet all their needs and meet all their holy desires, and enable them to help others who need help.  At their moment of conception, God program-med them to succeed, by giving each person special gifts, that when they mature and develop these gifts, they will succeed in life, by helping themselves, helping others, and glorifying God. God is good!

Well, I want to write about two more things in this Diary report:  God giving me 50 prophetic messages to give to Christian pastors for church growth, and my upcoming Christmas Open House Art Show and Sale on December 4th and 5th, about two weeks from now.

About two months ago, I was pretty unhappy about some of the happenings at Oasis Church, so I got on my knees and asked Father God, “Shall I leave Oasis Church?”  Father God answered me, “No.  I am using you to help teach that Sunday School class.  I will give you some messages to give to Pastor Danny.  He will not listen to a word you say, but he will listen to God.”   So the first words that Father God gave me to give to Pastor Danny Chambers was, “Father God says, when you teach about Jesus and the Bible, you are feeding the people steaks.  When you feed them movies, you are feeding them, but you are feeding them crumbs.”  Pastor Danny must have taken these words from Father God to heart, as he began having sermons about Jesus and the Bible, and he gave up his family’s cable T.V.  Praise God!

A few days later, Father God said to me, “I will give you 50 prophetic messages on church growth to give to Pastor Danny of one a week.  If he will preach 50 sermons from these 50 prophecies, then the church attendance will double, and the church finances will double.” So, I began receiving a message a week to give to Pastor Danny along with a letter to him.  Then God’s Holy Spirit led me to add Pastor Adonis Lenzy and David Garner to the list to receive these prophetic messages and letters for church growth.  Then God’s Holy Spirit led me to add twelve more pastors to the list to receive these messages.  I have now received and mailed out Prophetic Message #11 in the series of 50.  Then later, Father God said to me, “You may send this series of 50 prophecies for church growth to as many churches as you wish.”  Then God’s Holy Spirit encouraged me to put these 50 prophetic messages with the 50 letters into book form with the title, “Church Growth My Father God’s Way.”  I have found a good publisher for the book, as I will probably self-publish the book in about a year from now.  Father God told me that this series of 50 prophecies will help many churches to grow.  Praise God.

Since my second annual Christmas Open House Art Show and Sale is coming up in two weeks, my housemate, Karen Holmes, is doing an excellent job of helping me to get ready for it.  She was also a great help with last year’s Open House, when no customers showed up until the last hour of the two-day sale, when four families came, ate some snacks, and purchased eleven small paintings, with a total income of $345.00.  I had promised to give any income to my seven Jewish charities.  So, I was able to give $50.00 to each of my Jewish charities.  Jesus promises us that when we help the Jewish people, our God will reward us, as the Jewish people are STILL our God’s chosen people.  It is a joy to give.

This year, there will be two major changes in the Open House.  One major change is the advertising of the event.  Last year, we just put up flyers on the mailboxes in my neighborhood.  Whereas, this year, I included about 80 flyers in my last 80 Garner Newsletters that I mailed out in the Nashville area. I did not put flyers in the newsletters that went to other states.  The second other major change is that 90% of each sale of one of my paintings with go to the purchaser’s favorite charity, with only 10% coming to me for expenses of frames and supplies.  There will be two prints of paintings by my artist friend, Helen Twentyman, that if they sell, those proceeds will go to Helen in Redmond, Washington.

Several influences have caused me to give away these paintings for various charities.  I have read several books on heaven and hell, written by people who have visited those places.  One thing I read about heaven is that when people die and go to heaven, they will continue doing what they have done on earth.  If you are a professional athlete, a teacher, a store keeper, an artist, a writer, you will continue in heaven to do what you were doing on Earth.  The only difference is that your services and your products will be given away, not sold, as they are on Earth.  Also, another influence is from my older sister, Carolyn Hill in California, who has made more than 3,413 baby quilts and GIVEN them away since 1990.  She now has them in 29 foreign countries, recently in Israel, and in 15 states in U.S.  Joy!

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