Diary Report #260

Diary Report 260  (for February 2014)

February 27, 2014

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan,
        Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David, Stan and Barbara, and Doris

Greetings!  I put Prophetic Message 716 from Father God into the February Garner News, so I will include message 717 from Lord Jesus and 718 from Father God with this Diary Report.

Well, I have decided to stay at Oasis Church for now rather than attend Bethel World Outreach Church.  I never really left Oasis Church, as I have continued to attend the Sunday School class there every Sunday, as I have been giving Janie a ride to it.

Well, Father God told me that Satan is trying to stop these prophetic messages from going forward, and he certainly has been trying to do so.  BUT, Father God has been opening my eyes to Satan’s evil ways, and God has been giving me many scriptures to strengthen me, to do what God has called me to do for God with these prophetic messages.  I now have quarterly mailing number 26 ready to drop into the mail next Wednesday, on time, as God is leading me.  This completes 6 and ½ years of mailing them out to these newspapers for the syndicated newspaper column called, “Hot Off The Throne.”  I have been accused of wasting money in mailing them out, but Father God told me, “These funds are not wasted, as they are being invested in building up the Kingdom of God on earth.”  I have been told that these mailings of these messages have not been bearing fruit, but God told me, “Yes, these mailings are bearing fruit, as many people are reading and responding to these messages.”  I have been told that these messages are not from God, and that I’m not hearing from God properly, that I should not ASK God to speak to me, but that I should just get on my knees and WAIT for God to speak to me. God showed to me Jeremiah 33:3 in the Old Testament where Father God says, “Call unto me and I will answer you…”, and where Jesus says in the New Testament, “Ask and receive that your joy will be full.”  I have been told that the Bible Code is a lie because it is found with computers, and computers are made by man.  God showed to me the scripture where Jesus says, “Apart from Me you can do nothing,” which means Jesus helped man invent the computer, and God helped man discover the Bible Code messages.  I was told that President Obama is a Christian, and God showed to me the scripture that says, “By their fruits you will know them,” and I believe that anyone who is a habitual liar is not a practicing Christian, but has as their father, the father of all lies.  I was told that I was not a prophet, as a prophet would never do what I am doing.  Father God told me, “You are a prophetess called of God.”  I was quoted a Bible verse about a prophet that was to show me where I was wrong.  I knew that Bible verse did not apply to me and my actions.  Father God told me, “Satan quoted that Bible verse to you.”  And God showed to me where in the Bible that Satan can quote scripture.  I was told that when this seven year trial is up in year 2014, that these prophetic messages will not be printed in these newspapers, but I just say, “Let’s wait and see what God will do.”  They told me that all the newspapers are going out of business.   I replied, of the 300 that I have been mailing these messages to for the past six years, now 30 of them have gone out of business, but God has told me that He is going to use these messages in these newspapers to reach the people on the streets who do not attend any church.

I have been told, “It is impossible for you to hear from both Father God and from Jesus, as they are the same.”  Father God showed me to laugh at this, for these reasons:

  • Father God and Jesus have each been speaking to me nearly every morning for 30 years
  • — every morning that I take the time to ask Them to speak to me.
  • I now have 721 prophetic messages written out and typed up with 1/2 from Jesus and 1/2  from Father God.   I have asked for and received every one of them.
  • I have published a family newsletter nearly monthly for 26 years, with a prophetic message in every issue for 21 years, with every other message from Father God and every other message from Jesus.
  • I have published a book with 40 prophetic messages in it with ½ of them from Father God and ½ from Jesus.
  • Every time I get on my knees and praise Father God and ask Him to speak to me, He does.
  • Every time I get on my knees and praise Jesus and ask Him to speak to me, He does.
  • I have published these monthly Diary Reports for 21 years, have mailed them to about 13 people, along with messages from Father God and Jesus, which have been proofread by my church leaders and have been found to be scripturally accurate.
  • I have read through the Bible 40 times, and have checked the accuracy of these prophetic messages with scriptures, and have found them to agree with scriptures completely.
  • I know I’m in the will of God with these messages as God has told me many times that I am, and that God has called me to do this great work for Him.  I have 6 projects that I work on monthly, but God has told me that these prophetic messages are my number one work priority, and for me to receive a prophetic message weekly that I can write out, type up, format, print monthly, and mail out to these newspapers quarterly.

I read a book titled, “Nineteen Steps Up The Mountain,” which was about a married couple in Oregon who had no children, but who adopted 19 children who were all handicapped.  Even though some of these handicapped children were in wheelchairs, each of them was given a job to do.  One little handicapped boy said, “I know that this family loves me, because they let me sweep the driveway.”  So I know that God loves me because He has called me to do the syndicated newspaper column of prophecies called, “Hot Off The Throne.”

Back before I was filled with the Holy Spirit, my cousin Joan Garner in Georgia was filled with the Holy Spirit.  God gave her a prophetic message for me, and told me to carry it with me.  I have carried it in my purse since it was given to me on January 17, 1977, which has now been 37 years.  It even talked about the newspaper column back then.  Here it is:

     My child you are with an army that has never lost a battle.  Wait upon the Lord and I will work all these problems out.
     My child, depend on God for your wisdom on this news column.  I will supply all the needs and I will lead you daily.
     As I fed the children in the wilderness daily, I will feed thee daily with wisdom, love and blessings.
     My child, when I call one to do a work for me, I will help them and lead them.
     I will go with you even until the end of the world.
     Listen NOT to what man says because MAN will lead you wrong, but put all your trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST Who is the Savior of the world
     You will be tried and tested, but I will bring you through pure as gold.
     Hold fast and wait upon the Lord.
     I can open doors that no man can open.
     It takes time and patience to train My children My ways.
     Don’t get discouraged.
     Just trust God for all things.
     My eyes are over the righteous and My ears are open unto their cries.  Psalm 34:15
                             Praise God for the comforting words.

     Recently I reread the book by Dr. Bert Crevier (pronounced:  Cre-vee-A) titled, “The Day I Stepped Into Eternity”, which tells about his many recent trips to heaven, and when he visited the throne room and spoke with Father God.  Father God told him that God had a great work for him to do, to visit heaven, to go back to earth and write about it, and travel around and speak about his experiences.  Then Father God told Bert that Bert was God’s second choice for him to do this, that when God had chosen and called another person to do it that the other person had refused to do it.  After my reading this, I asked Father God, “Did you call someone else to do this syndicated newspaper column, and they wouldn’t do it?  Am I your first, second, third, sixth choice?”  Father God answered me, “You are My first choice for this.  I saw this potential in you as a child, how much you loved God, how you wanted to win souls, how you wanted to build up the kingdom of God on earth, how you left your family on the West Coast and came to Nashville to work at the Baptist Sunday School Board.  I have had you in training all your life for this work for you to do with this newspaper column.”  Praise God!

Another thing that I found to be of special interest in the book by Dr. Bert Crevier was what he said about the size of Father God’s throne:  GOD’S THRONE ON THE EARTH IS LIKE HIS FEET BEING AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER AND HIS HEAD ON THE MOON.

At the end of the book, Bert wrote another paragraph that I find to be very interesting:

Sure, these visitations to the Lord are fun and glorious, and spiritually fulfilling, but the visitations come with a great price.  After Jesus’ visitation, He had to pick up His cross and die for the sins of the world.  These visitations I have been having are a parallel to Jesus’ mount of transfiguration visitation and then His walk to Calvary.  As Jesus was carrying His cross, people were spitting at Him, mocking Him, jeering at Him, hollering “save yourself!”  And on and on.  Many times, when I share my heaven experiences in today’s churches, I get the same thing.  “Throne room?  What are you talking about?  Are you someone special?  Who do you think you are?  This is not scriptural!”  It says in one place in the Bible that Jesus was in a situation where they “laughed Him to scorn.”  (Matthew 9:24 when Jesus told the people, “Give place:  for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth.  And they laughed him to scorn.”). There was so much unbelief among the people around Him that they jeered Him in total mockery.  That is what the lonely walk to Calvary is.

One day last week when two of my friends ganged up on me and badgered me for an hour telling me I was wrong, and coming against these prophetic messages in every way possible,

I finally asked them, “Do you want me to not send to you these Garner Newsletters anymore with these prophetic messages in them?”  One of them replied, “Ask God if you should send them to me.”  So I came home and asked Father God about it, and He replied, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.”  I also asked Father God if I should stop giving her the $30.00 a month that I have been giving to her for her ministry and Father God replied, “The choice is yours.  If you have someone else you would rather give it to, do it.”  When I talked with Father God about all the other things that they said against me and against these prophetic messages, Father God gave to me a scripture verse for each of these things that they said, that showed to me that they were wrong.  Father God also gave to me two scripture verses to encourage me:

     Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord is the one who goes before you.  He will be with you; he will neither fail you or forsake you.  Deuteronomy 31:8

I command you—be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9

After I had this long talk with Father God, and He answered all my questions, I said to Father God, “Please, just give me one good friend to stand with me.”  Within five minutes, my sister Pauline phoned me from Oregon, and we had a good conversation.  Praise God!  God is being so good to Pauline and me, as God is giving to us a 10 day trip to Israel together, leaving May 27th, with a group from Dallas, Christ For The Nations.

God is also giving Pauline and me a week with our other sister, Carolyn Hill in California, and our brother, Cliff Garner in Florida.  This will be our annual sibling get together.  We plan to tour the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL and visit other places in Florida, arriving in Orlando on May 5th.  Carolyn and Pauline plan to fly to Orlando, and Cliff and I plan to drive.

I hope to visit my daughter, Lori and her family, in Marietta, GA in route.  Cliff lives in central Florida, about 85 miles from Orlando, I think.

The third trip I plan to take this year is to northern Virginia the last week of March to visit my son Alan and his wife Michelle.  They are expecting their first child on March 19, a healthy baby boy they have chosen to name Jase Alan Davies.  Less than a month away!  I plan to drive up and back, as the mountain scenery is so beautiful for that trip.

When I visit Alan, he will be taking a month off from his job.  I want him to help me to get my website up and working again, called, “HotOffTheThrone.”  Alan will also be the one to find the hidden “Bible Code” messages within these prophecies.  The Lord has shown to me already two of these hidden messages:

Take these words, then take every other letter:  Yes, Our God’s beloved child, your heavenly Father God does love you, and He does take care of you and your beloved family members. YSUGDBLVDHLYUHAELFTEGDOSOEOADEOSAEAEFOADOREOEFMLMMES. This reads:  “God do adore me.”  This shows me that the word God is plural, as in Holy Trinity.

When you take every other letter backwards, you get:


This reads:  “Rod get Leah.”  The only Leah that I know of, except the one in the Bible, is my cousin’s granddaughter, who bounced off the bed, broke her back, and had to have a rod put in it.

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