Diary Report #279

Diary Report #279  (for September 2015)

October 20, 2015

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan, Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David and Phyllis, Doris, Stan and Barbara, Pastor Bobby, and Pastor Danny,

Greetings to all!

  • I put into the last Diary Report Prophetic Messages #796 and #797.
  • I will put into this Diary Report Prophetic Messages #800 and #801.
  • I put into the last Garner News Prophetic Message #798 from Father God.
  • I will put into the next Garner News Prophetic Message #803 from Lord Jesus.
  • I put into the monthly 86 charity checks for October Prophetic Message #799.
  • I will put into the monthly 86 charity check for November Prophetic Message #802.

      Pastor Bobby Howard requested his name to be added to this list, and Father God requested Pastor Danny Chambers be added to this list, so I have added their names to receive these monthly Diary Reports along with the two prophetic messages.  Previously, I had mailed one of these Diary Reports monthly to Pastor Danny for seven years.  When I found out that he had not read a single one of them, I stopped mailing them to him, and began mailing them to David Garner, who works in our Oasis Church office.  David Garner told me that he does read them, and he checks them for Bible accuracy.  He said that so far, they are accurate with the Bible teachings.  I have always mailed them to Pastor Adonis Lenzy.  Pastor Adonis told me that he not only reads them, but that he also reads the Garner News that I give to him.  He is so precious!  His last two sermons at our Oasis Church have been very powerful, and our Sunday morning Bible class members have been bragging on him.  Also, Pastor Danny’s sermons are much better now, I believe.  People need to hear these good sermons about Jesus and about the teachings in the Bible so their/our souls can grow.  As our souls grow in God, we will prosper and be in good health.  (3 John 1:2)

When I was married to Hugh and our two children were young, Hugh would not go to church with us.  I had been attending a Southern Baptist church, which I knew Hugh didn’t like, so I switched to a Presbyterian church that I thought that he would like, but he still wouldn’t go with the children and me to church.  Father God spoke to me and told me, “Get in a church where your soul can grow.” At The Lord’s Chapel, Pastor Billy Roy Moore was teaching one chapter of the Bible every Sunday. It was the best Bible teaching in the Nashville area that I could find, so I took the children there, beginning when Alan was age two.  Since Alan is now age 40, I have been there for 38 years now.

When my two cousins in Cedartown, GA, got Spirit filled with the gifts of tongues and prophecy, Vera and Joan Garner (sisters), they began praying for me that I would get Spirit filled with the gifts.   Joan would give messages to me from God, which were very encouraging.  So I began to have the strong desire for me to hear from God, myself, without going through Joan.  I could see that these gifts of the Holy Spirit were operating at The Lord’s Chapel, so I began seeking to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit.  My three favorite Bible teachers at the time were Derek Prince, Ernest Angley, and Brother Moore, so I studied most everything I could on what they taught about becoming Spirit filled with the gifts of tongues and prophecy.  I searched for it for a whole year, and went to two different elders at The Lord’s Chapel, at different times, for them to pray for me to receive, which they did, but nothing happened.  I got very discouraged, but I didn’t give up.  One day, I talked with our church secretary, Jean Cope, and told her how I had been searching.  She said, “Go to elder Louis Hart, and you will receive.”  I went to elder Louis Hart, and he told me to praise God, praise God higher, and higher, so I did.  When he struck me on the forehead, I burst forth in a magnificent prayer language.  He told me to pray for the American Indians, and when I did, my language changed.  When he told me to pray for the Israelis, my language changed to Hebrew.  When he told me to pray for the Mexicans, my language changed to Spanish, which I recognized.  When he told me to pray for the Germans, the Chinese, and several other people groups, my language changed every time.  When he finished telling me who to pray for, he said, “You prayed in seven different languages.  That is the best gift of tongues that I have ever heard.”  I told him, “I have been searching for it for over a year.”  That day, I prayed for four hours in my prayer language, and for three hours the next day, because I was so happy to receive the Holy Spirit’s gift.

Before I was Spirit filled, I had been attending a Bible study class taught by Mrs. Whittimore in her home.  She told us that if you want God to speak to you, to get on your knees in your prayer closet,  praise God, then ask God a question, and stay on your knees until God answers you.  I had tried this a few times, and when I did, it worked great, as God did give me brief answers to my specific questions. However, I wanted to get these long messages from God like my cousins Joan and Vera were getting. I found a book on how to hear God speak to you, so I read it and did what it instructed me to do:

  • Get alone with God in your prayer closet, get on your knees before God, and praise God.
  • Say these words: “I bind all evil away from me in the name of Jesus.  I bind my own thoughts away from me in the name of Jesus, and I ask Father God (or Lord Jesus) to speak to me.”
  • Pray in your prayer language. As you pray in your prayer language, your mind is empty, and a thought will cross your mind.  Speak out, or write out, this first thought.  If you don’t speak out, or write out, this first thought, the next thought won’t come.  As you speak out, or write out, each thought as it comes, you continue speaking out, or writing out, all the thoughts until they stop coming.  Then you praise God for the message.

I have now been receiving these prophetic messages from Father God and Lord Jesus for more than 35 years.  I now have more than 806 of them written out and typed up, with some of them now on my website of:  HotOffTheThrone.com.  I have put a prophetic message into every issue of the Garner News for 23 years.  I know of no other Christian publication that has had a prophetic message in every issue for more than 23 years.  Ernest Angley used to have a prophetic message on the back pages of his monthly publication, but he no longer has it there in his publication now.  Christ for the Nations would occasionally have a prophetic message in their magazine, but not anymore, that I have seen.

Many years ago, Father God told me to praise God for two hours every morning, which I have always tried to do, when I am home.  I don’t do this when I travel.  I praise God for one hour every morning, and then ask Father God to speak to me, and He does, which I speak out the message.  Then I praise God for a second hour and then ask Lord Jesus to speak to me, which He does, which I speak out the message.  Then I have been asking Father God and Lord Jesus to give me one message a week that I can write out.  They do.  EVERY TIME I ask one of Them to speak to me, They do.  Praise God.  I have been doing this for many years, which is why I now have 806 of them written out.  All the odd-numbered ones are from Jesus, and all the even-numbered ones are from Father God.  When I first began asking for these messages, I asked, “Who shall I ask to speak to me,” and Father God replied, “It doesn’t matter which one of us speaks to you, the message will be the same.”  So I ask of each.

The history of the Garner News is this:

  • After Mom passed away at age 57 in 1970, Dad was single and living by his relatives in southern Mississippi. He decided to move to central California to live by one of his daughters, Carolyn, with her family of their two young children.  I knew Dad wanted to hear from his relatives in Mississippi, so while I was in Tennessee, I asked the relatives to write to me, and I would put all the letters together in a little newsletter, and send them to Dad, and to a few of our relatives.  When I heard from three relatives, I put my news with it, and mailed it to 12 families.  Later, other relatives wanted to be included.  The mailing list grew.
  • I began the newsletter in 1977, titled “The Garner News,” when Alan was age 2 and Lori was age 4 1/2. I published it mainly for Dad’s benefit, and thought that I would discontinue it after he passed away.  Dad passed away in 1979 at age 64, when Alan was age 4, after I had published it for two years.  Three days after Dad died, Jesus and Dad visited me briefly.
  • Since I no longer needed to publish it for Dad’s benefit, I decided to change the name of it to “Evidence” and made it a Christian magazine, to glorify my heavenly Father God.  I published it for two years longer.  It also had some of the letters from my Garner family in it, but mainly it had Christian testimonies.  I was able to get some Christian Country Music stars testimonies for it of Jeannie C. Riley and Connie Smith, among others.
  • Then I had a breakdown in 1981 and had to spend 30 days in the hospital. When I got out, Hugh would no longer let me put out the magazine.  Then I had another breakdown in 1983 and had to spend 30 more days in the hospital.  Hugh still would not let me work on the newsletter or the magazine.  I got out of the hospital just in time for us to buy our house in Brentwood and relocate from Franklin.  About six months later, Hugh’s parents bought our Franklin house and relocated from their house they sold near Albany, New York.
  • Then in 1987, my cousin in Georgia, Joan Garner Carnes, the one who had helped me to become Holy Spirit filled with the gift of tongues and prophecy, asked me to again put out the “Garner News.” I decided to again start it on a smaller scale, and not tell Hugh about it. Since he was still working at Vanderbilt, and I was still a stay-at-home-mom, I could do it while he was gone, and he wouldn’t even know about it.  I told Joan that if she would write to me, and two other people would write to me, I would put my news with it and mail two each to our six Garner Families, for 12 copies mailed.  More relatives wanted to be added, so I added a few more names, and a few more people would write to me.
  • Then when I got email, I began getting more information to go into the newsletter, so I decided to publish it monthly. We also had our yearly Garner Reunions where I made photos of the ones attending, so I was able to put these photos in it throughout the year.
  • The circulation grew to about 80 families, mostly relatives in several states, over the next five years receiving it monthly. I think that Hugh still didn’t know about it, and if he did, he didn’t care.
  • Meanwhile, I had gotten Holy Spirit filled with the gift of tongues and the gift of prophecy.
  • When I began a series of writing out some prophecies, God led me to begin writing a daily diary.  I filled over 200 spiral notebooks, handwriting my daily diary for many years.  After my receiving these prophecies for seven years that I had been writing out, God led me to begin putting a prophetic message into every issue of the “Garner News.”  When I began putting them into the newsletter in 1982, is when God had me begin writing the monthly Diary Reports and include two prophecies.  He had me produce four typewritten pages, and send them to my brother Cliff Garner in Florida, my sister Carolyn Hill in California, and my sister Pauline McCulloch in Oregon.  He also had me to send copies of them to my pastor at The Lord’s Chapel and to my psychiatrist, as I was still on medication for depression.  I asked my pastor to check the prophecies for Bible accuracy, which he always did.  I sent them to my doctor, just so that she could see that my life was busy, but normal.
  • When I began putting prophecies into every monthly issue of the “Garner News”, I added a lot more of my friends to the mailing list, as they wanted to read the prophecies in them. The mailing list grew to about 200 families receiving it, with about half of them my dad’s Garner relatives and my mother’s Morgan relatives, and the other half just friends and friends of friends.
  • Then about a year ago, God wanted me to add the leaders and staff at my Oasis Church to the mailing list to receive the monthly “Garner News” with the prophecies in them. I asked Pastor Danny Chambers if I may do this, and he gave his approval.  I had already been giving them to my Sunday School class of about 8 to 10 people, and to David Garner, an executive assistant, and to Pastor Adonis Lenzy, at our Oasis Church.  David and Pastor Adonis had been checking the prophecies for Bible accuracy, and they told me they were all accurate with Bible teachings.  Praise God.  The circulation of the newsletter is now about 220 copies monthly, with about 195 mailed out first class, and the others passed out at Oasis Church.
  • I printed the newsletter in black and white through January of 2012, printing them at home and mailing them first class. When the circulation grew to 200, I knew that I could get a bulk-rate post office permit, and mail them at a reduced rate.  However, God spoke to me and said, “Mail them first class.  I am a first-class God.” So I mail them first-class, which is good, because the ones that are not deliverable, are returned to me, and I can keep my mailing list up to date.  God has always provided the needed funds for paper, envelopes, printing, and postage.  Occasionally family and friends will  give offerings for it.
  • In February of 2012, my cousin in Mississippi, Inez Ingram, gave to me funds to buy a color printer, so we have been publishing it monthly in color ever since. The toner for it comes in four colors of red, blue, yellow, and black.  I usually need to buy two of these new toners each month, at a cost of about $75.00 each.  One monthly issue, I needed to buy all four new toners at a cost of about $300.00.  As I thought about it, I knew I had the money, I just wasn’t sure that I should spend it on the four toners.  I thought, “If I print it in black and white, I can print it for half the cost.”  Father God read my thoughts, and He firmly told me, “This is NOT YOUR money!  This is MY money!  BUY THE TONER!”  So I bought the four colored toners and have always since printed it in full color—to the glory of God.
  • Once I read an article about a woman and her daughter beginning a Christian magazine. They published it for five years without a salary for them, as they had few paid subscriptions.  Then God instructed them to sell it at Walmart.  When they did, the circulation jumped to 172,000 immediately.  I asked Father God if the “Garner News” would ever reach 172,000 circulation?  He replied, “Yes, it will, but it will go through many changes before then.”  Praise God!  I hope to always include the prophecies and add Christian testimonies.

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