Diary Report #266

Diary Report 266  (for August 2014)

September 3 and 9, 2014

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan, Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David, and Doris

      Greetings!  I had planned to put Prophetic Message #742 into the last Garner News, but instead, I made the mistake of putting #740 into it.  Sorry about that!  I make mistakes because I’m just a “human bean,” as my little sister Pauline says.  I plan to put Prophetic Message #745 from Lord Jesus into the September Garner News, so I will put Prophetic Message #746 from Father God and #747 from Lord Jesus with this Diary Report.  When I had the 13 prophetic messages printed at Office Depot to mail out to the 269 newspapers, the lady clerk printed extra copies of #745 for me, so I am using them to go with my 88 charity checks for this month, to be mailed on the third Wednesday of September 17th, when my Social Security check arrives.  It is such a joy to give to help spread the Gospel worldwide and to feed the hungry worldwide to the glory of God.  I do not give to health charities—as I would rather give to introduce them to the divine Healer, Jesus Christ, who is able to solve ALL their health problems, and all their other problems, both in their life on earth and in heaven for eternity.  Joy!

I arrived back a couple of days ago from my ten-day trip to the Atlanta area, visiting daughter Lori and her family, and son Alan and his family.  Lori and I visited two outdoor art and craft fairs while there.  I may move to Atlanta in about two years to be near them.  I look forward to joining her wonderful 9,000 member Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church.

The Holy Spirit of God has been helping me to improve the content of the Garner News.  I have been publishing the Garner News for more than 27 years, with the last 22 years containing a prophetic message, either from Father God or Lord Jesus, in every issue.  I know of no other publication with this record of publishing prophecy in this way for this long, either Christian or secular publication.  Reverend Ernest Angley used to publish a written prophecy in every one of his monthly publications, but he doesn’t put prophetic messages in them anymore, I see.  God’s Holy Spirit has now revealed to me that I have been faithful in these few things, and that now, God will put me in charge of bigger things—that it is time for a breakthrough with both the prophetic messages and with the newsletter.  Father God told me recently, “I will bring you to a new level in your writing, art and teaching.”  Praise God.


  1. Complete “Bible Code” sentences that speak of future events will be found within the 747 prophetic messages that I have now received, written out, and typed up. While at Alan’s house, he helped me to research three of the prophetic messages, where we found many words in all three of them.  First we researched my latest prophecy of #747 from Lord Jesus and found 70 words.  Next we researched prophecy #356 from Father God that was given in my book, Christmas in The Bible Belt.  We found 63 words in #356.  Then we researched the prophetic message from Jesus given by Frodsham in 1985, that was given in my same book.  We found 70 words given in it.  We were able to look for only individual words, as we had no way to connect them into individual sentences.  Alan thinks that he may be able to write a better search engine that will help us to connect the words into complete sentences.  Praise God for helping him to do so.
  1. The seven-year trial of mailing 13 prophetic messages quarterly to the 269 largest newspapers in the U. S. (began with 300, but some have gone out of business) was completed on September 3, 2014. For the last two quarterly mailings, I prepared them for mailing and then left on out-of-state trips while my friend Karen Holmes took them to the post office for me to be mailed quarterly on due dates.  Praise God for her good help in proofreading my typing of them and for mailing them for me as needed. So far as I know, none of these 28 quarterly mailings in the past seven years have been published in these newspapers.  God told me that when God puts His anointing on these editors to publish them in these newspapers that, “these messages will be published, and they will go around the world, will win many people to Jesus Christ, and will cause many people to come out of sin and live for God.”  God’s Holy Bible states that God’s Word will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish that for which it was sent.  (Isaiah 55:11)  So we will see what Our God will do and what these editors will do in the next few months.  To God be the glory. Here is a prophetic message for me from God given on January17, 1977 through my cousin in Georgia, Joan Garner, before I became Sprit filled and before I got the gift of receiving prophetic messages.  God had given us messages through Joan for the newspaper column called, “Hot Off The Throne.”  I was typing them and mailing them to the many newspapers.  I have carried a copy of this in my purse for 37 years:

As I was praying for Banny:

     My child, you are with an army that has never lost a battle.  Wait upon the Lord, and I will work all these problems out.
     My child, depend on God for your wisdom on this news column.  I will supply all the needs and I will lead you daily.
     As I fed the children in the wilderness daily, I will feed thee daily with wisdom, love and blessings.
     My child, when I call one to do a work for Me, I will help them and lead them.
     I will go with you even until the end of the world.
     Listen NOT to what man says, because MAN will lead you wrong, but put all your trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who is the Savior of the world.
     You will be tried and tested, but I will bring you through pure as gold.
     It takes time and patience to train My children My ways.
     Don’t get discouraged.
     Just trust God for all things.
     My eyes are over the righteous and My ears are open unto their cries.  (Psalm 34:15)
Praise God for the comforting words.
     God has had me in training for this syndicated newspaper column for more than 37 years, and now He has prepared me to have it.  Praise God!

  1. For the past 22 years, ever since I began putting prophetic messages into the Garner News, I have published monthly a four-page Diary Report about my life, my family’s life, and my church’s activities and have mailed it to ten families. I have always included two prophetic messages with it that I had received recently, of one from Father God and one from Lord Jesus.  I have always mailed them to two of the leaders of my church for them to check the prophecies for Bible accuracy.  So far, in 22 years, all of the prophetic messages agree with teachings in the Bible.  Praise God.  The prophecies tell the message and the Diary Reports tell of the messenger, through whom God speaks.  I don’t call myself a prophetess, but God tells me, “You are a true prophetess of God.”  Praise God.


  1. In the Garner News, to fill up the eight small pages of two columns each, I always have the two center pages filled with a prophetic message, alternating one from Father God and one from Lord Jesus with each issue. Then, I always have a page of photos for the front cover.  Then I use letters, emails, other photos, jokes, and written thoughts by myself and others to fill up the other five pages.  I try to make all 16 columns come out even, as that’s what a “layout artist” does, since I’m a layout artist.  I’m just a “typist,” not an “editor.” I received very few letters for this until I received email letters and email photos for it a few years ago.  If I didn’t have enough information to fill up the last one or two pages, God’s Holy Spirit led me to phone some of my relatives and invite them to send me an email or give me some information over the phone.  God’s Holy Spirit has helped me faithfully to fill up 16 columns in each newsletter for 27 years.  Praise God. I have mailed FREE copies to over 200 families monthly for many years.  Occasionally a family member or friend will give a cash donation for postage to help with expenses.  My cousin Inez Ingram gave us a color printer 2 ½ years ago, and I began printing the photos in it in color.  Joy!  God told me once many years ago, “Mail it out first class.  I am a first-class God!”  It helps me to update the mailing list when I mail it out first class, as it is returned to me, if it is not delivered.  Once when I ran out of all four toners at once, and needed to pay over $320.00 for colored toners to print it in color, I was considering printing it in black and white for about $80.00, when Father God spoke to me, “This is NOT YOUR money.  This is MY money!  Buy the toner!”  So I bought the colored toner and printed it in color.  I already had enough money, but wasn’t sure that I should spend it on toner.
  1. At our family Garner Reunions yearly for 27 years, usually in southern Mississippi, I have attended and have made enough photos to put into the newsletters year round for the 12 issues. Occasionally I get email photos to include on the cover and inside the newsletter.  Karen Holmes, who lives at my house, does proofreading of my typing of prophecies, Garner News, Diary Reports, and books for me, for which I pay her for her excellent help.
  1. In the past issues of the Garner Newsletters, I have put brief articles of family members and friends with people helping people. I have now collected 22 of these articles and am working on the book titled, Friends Helping Friends.  I hope to get another 18 of these articles, publish each in the newsletter, and complete the book with 40 articles.  As I plan to self-publish the book, I hope to put a prophetic message between each article, as I did in the book I self-published, Christmas in The Bible Belt.
  1. All of our 36 Garner cousins’ parents have now passed away. Last Father’s Day, I was given the idea to have each of my living cousins and other relatives write a few good words about their deceased fathers that they could remember during their youth.  I wrote to eight relatives, and heard back from six of them with their articles for the newsletter. Recently I received from my cousin Maxie in Mississippi an article about our Uncle Sam Garner for our next newsletter.  I need to have someone write about our Uncle Andrew Tant, and that will complete our eight Garner Uncles.  All five of Uncle Andrew’s children, our cousins, have all passed away, so I hope to have a younger generation member write about him for our newsletter.  Joy! Now, God gave me the idea to invite all my cousin widows, and widows who were married to my cousins, to each write the “best things” about being married to their spouses while they were alive.  At our last Reunion in Mississippi, I contacted many of them about it, and they said they would write about it.  In the past issue, I had the one from my sister Carolyn about her husband Jim Hill, and had the one from my cousin Iva Nell Brock about her husband Charles.  For our next issue, my cousin Maxie Carter wrote about her husband. While I was at the reunion, I stayed with my cousin Inez Ingram and was able to write about her and Omer’s 67 years of marriage.  I plan to have these two in our next issue. Also, in today’s mail, I received an article from my friend, widow Mary Newkirk, about her good marriage to her husband.  I hope to put it into the next issue.  This will be five of the 40 that I hope to get for the newsletter, and for the book, The Best Things.  I would also like to self-publish this book with a prophetic message between each of the 40 stories.
  1. Once a long time ago, after having the circulation of the Garner News to be about 200 copies for many years, I read an article about a Christian magazine started by a woman and her daughter.  They worked on it free for the first five years, then the Lord told them to market it in all the Walmart stores.  When they did, the circulation jumped to 70,000 overnight.  I asked the Lord, “Will the circulation of the Garner News ever reach 70,000?” He replied, “Yes, it will, but it will go through many changes before then.”  I believe that one of the many changes is now beginning to happen, as I want to open up the newsletter to have many widows, not only the Garner widows, write about their good marriages, not only for the newsletter, but also for the book.  So we will see what God will do in the future.  I believe that the newsletter and the book with this subject matter is much needed now, what with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce.  We need to focus on what is good in our marriages, not on the conflicts.
  1. Recently my color printer at my house began having blue vertical streaks on every photo about when I had half of the 830 pages printed. I took it to Office Depot and had them take a look at it for about $33.00.  The only way he could get it to print without streaks is to put the setting on “Best Quality” printing which takes twice as much toner and took me more than double time to print it.  Since it is still in warranty, I will contact the manufacturer about it.   I was able to complete the printing and mail it two weeks later than usual, but before my ten-day trip to visit Lori and Alan in Georgia.  I need to get it repaired or get another printer before printing the next newsletter.

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