Diary Report #282

Diary Report #282  (for December 2015)

January 31, 2016

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan, Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David and Phyllis, Doris, Stan and Barbara, Pastor Bobby, and Pastor Danny

 Greetings to all!

  • I put into the last Diary Report Prophetic Messages #810 and #811.
  • I will put into this Diary Report Prophetic Messages #816 and #817.
  • I put into the last Garner News Prophetic Message #813 from Lord Jesus.
  • I will put into the next Garner News Prophetic Message #818 from Father God.
  • I put with the monthly 86 charity checks for January Prophetic Message #812.
  • I will put with the monthly 86 charity checks for February Prophetic Message #815.

This month I want to report on several of my projects, how they are progressing, and how our God is leading me and teaching me as I work on my six monthly projects and several daily tidbits.

This past week I was able to give to, and mail to, the 20 pastors (and others) prophetic message #21 in the series of 50 that God is giving me for church growth.  At the end of February, of my asking for and receiving one a week, I will cross the half way mark of 25 received and distributed.  Then I want to contact a publisher to find out about myself publishing the book, of the work involved and the fees and other costs involved.  Then after I receive the 50 messages, about the end of August, I want to begin the process of self-publishing the book.  So we will see how God will lead me in this.  My other book that I self-published three years ago, the Lord told me, “Print one thousand copies and sell them for a dollar over cost.”  I paid twelve thousand dollars to have a thousand copies printed at Office Depot. I did however get a thousand dollars rebate from them, which paid for my present computer.  I have not yet tried to market the book, but I have given away about 250 free copies of it so far.  I am waiting until God tells me to market it.  God has told me, “It will not sell well until the hidden Bible Code messages are found within the prophecies in the book.  Then it will sell world wide.”  So we will see what God will do with the book in the future.  Also, in the book of the 50 prophetic messages to the pastors for church growth, titled, “Church Growth My Father God’s Way,”  God told me that there are also hidden prophetic messages within these prophecies to these pastors, that can be found using the Bible Code computer search method.  It’s interesting to me how Father God and Lord Jesus can hide messages within the messages written both backwards and forwards with equal distance letter skips.  In the first three prophetic messages of mine that Alan did a word search, he found 33 different words in each of the three messages.  The name New York City was found about a dozen times.  The name Alan was found six times, and the name Velma was found only one time.  The name Velma was found written backwards with 12 letter skips, if I remember correctly.  God told me that complete sentences will be found in the messages, and that, “Your son, Alan, will be the one who finds them.”  So we will see if that prophetic message from God comes true in due time.

God said that He plans to reveal the winner of the 2016 national U.S. Presidential election before the election, and that it will make national news, and even international news.   Here are some dates that are scheduled for the events:

July 18:  Republican Candidate Chosen
July 25:  Democrat Candidate Chosen
September 26:  First Debate of Final Two Chosen
October 4:  Vice President Debate
October 9:  Second Debate of Final Two Chosen
October 19:  Third and Final Debate of Final Two Chosen
November 8:  Election Day

Father God has said that He will reveal the U.S. Presidential winner ahead of the election, reveal it both by the Bible Code search in the Hebrew Old Testament (or Greek New Testament), and also reveal it in the prophetic messages that I have been getting.  Since I am planning to relocate to the Atlanta area sometime in July, hopefully, after the final two candidates are chosen at the end of July, I want Alan and myself to search for these two final names in some of my recent prophetic messages, to see what they will reveal.  Father God said that complete sentences are hidden in the prophecies I have been getting, so it will be interesting if God gives us a complete sentence concerning the winner of the 2016 presidency.   In the regular Bible Code, they can only search for words.  Six months before the 2012 Presidential election, they found these words: “B. Obama, re-elected, U. S. President, 2012, sworn in twice.”

At Christmas time, my two children and their families and I did not get together.  However, the day after Christmas, Lori and husband John, and sons Joshua and Jacob arrived, and spent two nights with me.  We exchanged gifts and had a good celebration, before they needed to drive back to Marietta, GA. On New Year’s Day, Lori had Alan’s family and myself get together at her house for a celebration.  My son Alan and his wife Michelle and their baby Jase were able to come from Covington, GA, about an hour’s drive southeast from Lori’s place.  Their three daughters, Michelle’s daughters, were not able to come.  Alan’s family and I exchanged gifts, and we all had a good visit together.

Then Alan told us about the new job that he is now in negotiations for.  Alan is a trained Software Engineer, who received his Computer Science degree at Tennessee Tech, and got his on the job training working for three companies, with Mythic Electronic Arts creating computer games, for his longest employment.  I asked Alan if he enjoyed doing that kind of work, and he replied that he does like it.  He will let us know how it goes.  I had a dream about Alan a few weeks ago, about him going to work for the Supreme Court.  If that prophetic dream does come true, and if Alan does relocate to northern Virginia, he will be positioned “right in their back yard.”  So, we will see what our God will do in Alan’s future.  I have been praying for him that God will give him wisdom in his decision making, as it is so very important.

In my last Diary Report, I had written some things from memory that Lori had told me.  When she was here, she corrected me on a couple of things that I had written.  One correction is about the four art booth rentals in December where arts and crafts can be sold to the public.  Lori said that the two churches that have them are her large Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, and the other is the large Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.  The two large schools that have them for two days are Lassiter High School and Sprayberry High School.  Lori’s Walton High School does NOT have them.  There is an art center in Cobb County that also has a Christmas art fair called Art Station at Big Shanty.  Lori said that the name of the place that grows orchids that is open to the public in Atlanta is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with the Fuqua Orchid Center.  Paintings of orchids are on display at this orchid center that can be sold to the public.  She said that her Mt. Bethel still has the summer missions programs to foreign countries for the members, but the church no longer pays half of the member’s expenses for the weekly trips.  She said that they originally paid half of the trips just to get the program started.  I still would like to take one of these trips each summer to a foreign land and pay my own way, Lord willing.  Also, children can go after age 14, so I want to take my grandsons with me on these trips in a few short years, if possible.  Joshua is now age 13, Jacob is age 10, and baby Jase is almost 2.  Joy!

Well, my theme for the new year of 2016 is, “More, more of Jesus,” because Jesus says, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.”  And the other Bible verse states, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”  The Bible teaches that man was created to know God and to enjoy God forever, and Jesus is God!  In committing my new year to more of Jesus, I have made a list of 20 things that I would like to accomplish in the new year:

  1. Paint 40 more paintings, in order to have 100 complete at my Christmas Open House. Hang 40 empty frames all over my house and fill up one a week with easy-to-do watercolor paintings, or a challenge-to-do oil paintings.
  2. Paint and have printed, one set of six note cards of one subject for sale at the art booth.
  3. Rent an art booth at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in December for sale of small art work and note cards, and to pass out fliers for my Christmas Open House.
  4. Buy good wooden frames at Goodwill on their ½ price first Saturday sales, refinish them and paint my new paintings to fit the frames. I paint each with 2 coats of Gesso, and 2 coats of white semi-gloss house paint.  White frames show up the painting colors better.
  5. Have my Third Annual Christmas Open House the first weekend of December in my new location near Atlanta, Georgia.
  6. Publish the book, “Church Growth My Father God’s Way,” and market it.
  7. Finish improving my Brentwood house inside and outside, to get it ready to offer it for sale the first of June. Buy a grave marker for Hugh’s grave in Nashville.
  8. Sell my house in Brentwood, buy a house near Atlanta, and relocate in July.
  9. Join my brother Cliff Garner (Florida) and sisters Carolyn Hill (California) and Pauline McCulloch and husband Phil (Oregon) for our yearly siblings reunion in Branson, MO, maybe during month of May.
  10. Attend my Garner Family Reunion in Mississippi at the end of the summer, and make enough photos for the covers of my monthly Garner News all next year.
  11. Possibly attend my 60th High School Reunion in Longview, Washington, in September.
  12. Go to a foreign country on a one-week mission’s trip with Mt. Bethel U.M. Church.
  13. If possible, attend a Perry Stone conference for a few days in Cleveland, Tennessee.
  14. Continue receiving one prophetic message a week, to submit to the newspapers 13 of them quarterly for the syndicated column, “Hot Off The Throne.”
  15. Continue to pay donations to my 123 charities and needy individuals of 86 monthly, with some of the 123 paid every other month.
  16. Continue to paint in oils and watercolors for six days a week at 3:00 p.m. for one hour.
  17. Continue to publish the Garner News and Diary Reports monthly.
  18. Continue to work on the other three books that are each about half complete.
  19. Continue to read two non-fiction books a month year round for 24 books a year, plus continue to read the Bible daily, for my annual read through the Bible.
  20. Continue getting rid of all excess papers, saving only the last three years of my receipts of my gifts to charities. If the IRS wants more than that, they’ll just have to take my word for it.  My CPA told me to save all these receipts, but “enough” is “too much”.

On this last page, I want to write about some of the things that God has been teaching me recently.

  1. God has shown to me that the size of the church congregation relates to the soul growth of the leaders. If the congregation is small, the leader’s soul has not grown very much in God.  As the church Pastor’s soul grows in God, his sermons will be deeper and more informative, and he will feed the congregation the true meat of Jesus and the Bible, and more and more hungry people will return again and again to be fed the true meat of God.
  2. Father God has told me that the Garner News and my Diary Reports will become better and better. I know that I’m depending more and more on the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit in my life to complete them.  I pray a lot about them before I type them.
  3. God is teaching me two good ways to witness for Jesus:
    • Pastor Danny Chamber’s way is to pass out printed postcards to people and invite them to the church service.
    • The Holy Spirit’s way is the way that Jesus taught His disciples:   Go to a public place and perform a miracle of God, and when the crowd gathers, tell them about Jesus and His power to save and to heal.
  4. God is teaching me that the body is designed to heal itself, as a person’s soul grows in God.  Science tells us that about 80% of all illnesses are from stress from mental and emotional trauma.  God showed me that when a person gets right with God, with their fellow mankind, and has right thoughts about themselves, their soul is free to grow in God unhindered, and as their soul grows in God through praise, worship, Bible study, living for God, and doing kind and generous deeds to help others, the physical body heals itself.  Jesus was right with God and with His fellow mankind.  He didn’t walk with a limp from crippling arthritis, or diabetes, or cancer, or other physical afflictions.
  5. Promotions on the job, increase in possessions, increase in fame, and increase in daily responsibilities, come from God. As your soul grows in God, God is able to promote you and increase you in every good way, without your becoming corrupt.  It is God Who gives you the power to get wealth.  It is God Who opens doors of opportunity for you when your soul has grown enough in God to accept the promotion.  The greatest among you is the greatest servant.  Jesus said that He came to serve and not to be served, and He is the greatest among us.  Sam Walton’s stores were built to serve the people and the “associates” (workers).  Conrad Hilton’s hotels were built to serve the people.  When God wants to prosper you, He doesn’t give you a million dollars, but He gives you ideas you can develop to earn a million dollars.
  6. Conrad Hilton expressed the teaching that a pound of steel can be made into horseshoes and the value of the steel will be increased. A pound of steel can also be made into nails, and the value will be more than the horseshoes.  A pound of steel can also be made into watch springs, and the value of it will be greater than the other two items.  This way of thinking led Hilton to make all of his hotels first class, as with the “watch springs” concept.  God is teaching me to go “first class” with my paintings, but I just can’t think on that higher level yet.  So God is reaching out to help me on my own level that I am comfortable working with, so I can grow into the new increased mindset bit by bit.  My first Christmas Open House had sales of $345.00, the second of $700.00.  I have asked God to double it every year, of $1,400.00 next year, and up to $22,400.00 in 7th

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