Diary Report #278

Diary Report #278 (for August 2015)

September 23, 2015

To:  Carolyn, Cliff, Pauline, Chet and Dolores, Lori, Alan, Marcia, Pastor Adonis, David and Phyllis, Doris, Stan and Barbara, and Pastor Bobby

     Greetings to all!  Here is the next Diary Report for you to read if you are interested.  Sorry that it’s about three weeks later than I had hoped to get it to you.  I plan to put Prophetic Message #796 from Father God and Prophetic Message #797 from Lord Jesus with this report.  Since I put Message #791 from Lord Jesus into the last Garner News, I will put Message #798 from Father God into the next Garner News.  In most of the 86 charity checks that I mailed out the middle of September, I put Message #796 from Father God with each of them.  I plan to include Message #799 from Lord Jesus with each of them for my next mailing on October 21, which is the third Wednesday in October.  I now have received messages through #803 and have them typed and proofread.  My next mail out to the 271 largest newspapers in the U.S. will be the first Wednesday of December with messages #800 through #812, to be printed the first thirteen weeks of 2016, of one a week.  So far, God has not yet put His anointing on these Editors to print them, but God told me to keep mailing them out, as these Editors are reading them.  Father God told me, “When I put My anointing on these Editors to print them, I will put My anointing on you to prepare them.”  Praise God for His anointing!

Well, I have many things that I want to write about this month, mainly about how God’s Holy Spirit is improving my daily and nightly life.  I also want to write about our seven-day trip to Seattle for our yearly siblings’ reunion.  We regret that our brother, Cliff Garner in Florida, got sick two days before he was to fly out of Tampa, and had to cancel because of severe muscle pain.  We prayed for his recovery.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote in an article that in his retirement years that he has six projects that he works on monthly.  I think that is interesting, as I also have six monthly projects that I need to work on in my retirement years.  Of my six projects, I am caught up on only two of them at the present time, of the weekly written prophetic messages, and the monthly 86 charity checks.  Two of my projects are two or three weeks behind schedule of the monthly Garner News to 220 families and the monthly Diary Reports to the people listed above.  Of the other two projects, I haven’t done any art work for over two months, and I haven’t done any work in about three years on the three books that are now about half finished.

I try to get caught up on the monthly projects.  After I somewhat accomplish this, then I take another trip and it just gets me farther and farther behind.  I recently read the book, “Manage Your Time” of Ron Fry’s How To Study Program, to learn something that will help me to improve my daily schedule.  The book was geared mostly to college students with their campus classes, homework, and project deadline schedules.  Since I was successful in working my way through eight complete years of college, I had already learned most of what was taught in the book.  If I had not learned it when I needed it, I would not have been able to graduate.  So, I picked up very few nuggets from the book that I can apply to my life.  Now I will write about what has really helped me, what God has recently taught me to improve my time management.

God showed me to divide all my work projects and extra activities into three groups of:  Projects, Tidbits, and Points.  Work on Projects for one or more hours at a time.  Work on Tidbits for ¼ hour at a time.  Work on Points for less than ¼ hour at a time.  Then He showed me how to schedule my night and day.  Be in bed at 10 p.m. with the lights out.  The alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m., so my mornings become longer now.  I drink coffee and sing praises to God along with my music CDs for an hour.  Then I ask Father God to speak to me and He does.  Then I eat breakfast, write 10 charity checks, discard 15 pieces of mail, and write and mail a note or two.  Then I praise God for a second hour while singing along with CDs of praise music.  Then I ask Lord Jesus to speak to me, and He does.  Then I do chores until 12 noon.  Then I work for an hour or more on one of my six Projects.  Then do some Tidbits, have a late lunch, throw out some daily mail, and begin work on another of my six Projects at 3:00 p.m.  After working on it for an hour (or more), I do more Tidbits and Points until 6:00 p.m. and time to begin my third Project of the day.  It’s amazing how easy this is for me to do.  Praise God.  Our God will custom design your day and night of a comfortable schedule, when you ask Him to and then praise God until He gives you the exact daily workable plan for your life.  It’s like waltzing through life with Jesus—just a delightful happy flow.  He has promised to keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on Him.  Only He can give you the perfect plan for you to, “Work smarter—not harder!”

This is how God has shown me how to organize my days in order to accomplish all my projects every month.  An example that He gave me is how a box can be filled with three large stones, many smaller rocks, and some sand.  If the sand and smaller stones are put in the box first, the larger stones will not later fit into the box.  But if you put in the box the three large stones first, then add the smaller rocks next, and pour in the sand last, it will all fit nicely into the box, and the box will be full with no wasted space.  He has shown me to take three of my Projects (of three large stones) daily for six days a week, and do one of them at 12 noon, another at 3 p.m., and the other at 6 p.m., work on each for an hour (or more), then add the Tidbits (small rocks) in between this schedule of several of them at ¼ hour each, then add the Points (sand) as needed within this schedule.  If I will make a weekly and monthly schedule around listing three of my six Projects daily to work on, and faithfully work this plan, the six projects will GET on schedule and STAY on schedule monthly, even with my traveling.  If I will faithfully do this schedule, I can complete and publish a book a year, if I can complete four chapters a month with them.  Praise God’s Holy Spirit for helping me to do so.  God recently told me, “Your greatest income will be from the sale of your books.”  Praise God.

I’m now taking a writing class at Oasis Church with a Life Class that meets for five weeks for an hour on Thursday evenings.  We have been having guest speakers, with question and answer time with them after their speech.  Our first speaker, I told him that I self-published my last book with a thousand copies for $12,000.00.  He told me that I can self-publish my next book for a thousand copies for only $2,000.00, and I can order any number of books published at a time.  He took my book, “Christmas In The Bible Belt”, and will read it and give me a free evaluation of it.  He evaluates books for Amazon, for their books that are sold online.  He says that he reads one book a week, while he is on the treadmill doing his daily exercise.  He has now given more than 1200 evaluations for Amazon.  He encouraged us to write non-fiction, as there is too much competition in writing fiction at the present time.  Anyway,    Father God had once told me a long time ago, “Speak and write the truth in love,” so I will probably always write non-fiction.

Our second speaker told us that after we write a book, we need to have a professional editor to polish it in several stages, to get it ready for publication.  The prices for hiring a professional editor can range from $15.00 to $50.00 an hour, or up to $10,000.00 for a whole book.  Many professional editors can be located online for service in polishing a book for publication.

Our third speaker last week spoke on how to market self-published books.  I missed the class.  Sorry.  I have not yet begun to try to market my self-published book, “Christmas In The Bible Belt”, but I have given away more than 250 copies of the 1,000 that I printed.  The Lord recently had me to send a copy of it to Paul Crouch, Jr. for possibly giving copies of it as gifts to TBN doners for the month of December, either for this Christmas, or for the following Christmas.  TBN gives a monthly gift to each doner, of a music CD, or book, or jewelry, or letter opener, or bookmark, etc.  I asked God if I should try to market my book online, and He said, “You can if you want to, but it will not sell well until the hidden Bible Code prophetic messages are found in it.  Then it will become a world-wide best seller.”  Praise God for this encouragement.  I have not yet tried to market it, as I am just waiting on God to show me what to do with it.

You will see in Prophetic Message #798 from Father God that He says that He will reveal the next winner of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election before the election, by use of the Bible Code finding equal-distant letter skips in texts.  I asked Father God if he will reveal the winner from the text of the Bible using the previous Bible Code method of searching the original Hebrew and Greek, or if He will reveal it in the prophetic messages that I have been getting, using the new Bible Code that Alan works with.  Father God spoke to me and said something like this:  “I will reveal the winner both ways, both from the Bible and from the prophetic messages you have been getting.  This way people will connect these prophetic messages with what is written in the Bible.”  Praise God!  So we will wait and see what Our Father God will reveal in His Own timing.  I’m still praying for God to put Dr. Ben Carson in the White House, as Father God told me, “Ben Carson prays more than any other candidate, and Ben Carson loves America more than any other candidate.  You may give him a donation.”  So I gave him a one-time donation of $75.00.  He is definitely coming up in the polls recently.  Praise God.  I request your prayers for him and his family.  His birthday is in September, so I sent him a card, as requested by his sweet wife, Candy Carson.

Well, I am still having work done on the house, getting it ready to sell in July of 2016, for my big move to the Atlanta, GA area.  Alan came up for a visit last weekend.  He planned to take back with him the dismantled Grandfather clock of Hugh’s and take his piano back.  Alan and I discussed what should be done yet to the house and yard to get them ready to market.  I thought about selling it during Lori’s two-week Christmas break, as there are many buyers waiting to buy houses in my neighborhood. Where I live is about ten miles south of Nashville near I-65 South and near the Cool Springs Mall area, so it is an easy commute for workers in Nashville, as when Hugh worked at Vanderbilt.  Alan thought that it would be better to wait until the summer to put it on the market, as most families with school-age children tend to relocate in the summer months.  This would give us time to make some improvements on it.  Alan suggested:  Have all hardwood floors on first floor, replacing carpet now in three rooms, update the three bathrooms, finish the kitchen tile back-splash (as John has already updated the kitchen), replace and update some light fixtures, build a sun-deck out back, maybe knock out a wall between the den and living room, replace all the floor vents for heating and cooling outlets, finish painting the inside (three rooms to go), and finish painting the outside (four columns to go).

While Alan was here, we went to Lowe’s and purchased four new door handles with dead-bolt locks for our four outside doors.  We came home, and Alan replaced them on the front door and two of the back doors.  The fourth one is for the back garage door, when the door is replaced with the new door that I had purchased, had delivered, and which Alan and I painted while he was here.  Alan wanted to install the new door with the new door handle, but didn’t have time, as he needed to get back home with his family and with his day job.  He is also getting ready for his science fair demonstration in his booth the first week of October.  He decided not to take the piano with him this trip, but he did take all three of the Grandfather clocks.  He may be able to sell two of them on Craig’s list or on Ebay online, and him keep the third one.  Karen, who lives at my house, helped Alan load the three clocks into Alan’s Toyota truck, before his five-hour night drive back to Covington, GA, east of Atlanta.

Since Alan was here on Sunday morning, we decided to attend Grace Church, which meets in Franklin, in Alan’s old Grassland Elementary School.  Alan attended first and second grades in this building when we lived in Franklin, before we moved to Brentwood.  Grassland Elementary School and Grassland Middle School built new buildings on the other side of Hillsboro Road, and sold their old building to Grace Church.  Grace Church now has two Sunday morning services in this old building.  Sherry, who lives at my house, now attends the early service there.  Alan and I went to the second service, getting there early before the 10:45 a.m. start time, so we could look over the building. Their sanctuary is the old gymnasium, with the stage on one end, with the basketball hoops still on each end of the room ceiling.  Alan commented, “It’s smaller than I remember it.”  There were seven musicians and singers on stage leading the singing.  Movies were shown of a village the church adopted in Africa, and a special offering was taken for it.  Their pastor brought a wonderful sermon about God speaking out loud to them at their church staff meeting recently.  His message was all about how God plans to improve their community, and about the end times we are now living in.  Great!  I treated Alan to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, before we came home and worked on the house.

Glenn Brownlee and his sweet wife, Pam, have been cutting my grass and the grass of his ex-Mother-in-law, Doris Long.  They have also been working on painting the outside of my house.  They were nearly finished with the work, so I paid them the second half of their fee, before I drove to Mississippi for our family reunion on July 25th.  The weekend after I came back, at 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening, I got a phone call that Glenn was in intensive care in the hospital in Murfreesboro, hemorrhaging blood from his throat.  He spent four days in intensive care.  They said that they almost lost him, as three out of four people who have this, do not recover from it.  Pam, Doris and I were all praying for him.  Tests were made, and it was found that he has a cancerous tumor on his liver, and has a spot on his lungs.  He will go to Atlanta on September 29 for a biopsy on his lungs.  He is now scheduled for a liver transplant, but if they find lung cancer, he will be taken off the waiting list for the liver transplant.  We are so thankful that Glenn says, “Jesus knows that I love Him.”  Glenn told me some of his testimony of him spending 12 years in prison, and when he got out, Jesus spoke to him and asked him, “Did you learn anything?”  I told him that I want to get his testimony for our Garner News.  Pam told me that if Glenn is not able to finish the work on the four front columns and install the back door, that her nephew will be able to finish the job.  I told them, “No hurry, as we have a year to complete it.”

I want to mention one thing about my health, of the changes recently.  As you know, I’m a diabetic taking pills, have high cholesterol, and have a bit high blood pressure.  At my last checkup with Dr. Ross, who had blood samples taken for tests, reported that my blood sugar was a bit high, and the cholesterol was a bit high.  He told me, “We have to either lower your weight, or up your medication.”  In order for me to lose the 35 pounds needed, he told me to go to the website of Myfitnesspal.com and follow their instructions on how many daily calories to eat and how much daily exercise to get for specific weekly weight loss.  I checked it out online, and now have two daily meals with two daily snacks for 1200 daily calories and walk for ½ hour a day.  I’ve been on his program for two weeks and have now lost five pounds, with thirty more to go.   Praise God that the weight is coming off.

The Lord has given to me a new project to do, and He has simplified one of my other projects.  The project that He simplified is my monthly writing and mailing of 86 charity checks.  Now, I use my own envelopes for the mailings.  When the mail comes daily, I just take out the receipts for my giving to save for tax purposes, read parts of their newsletters, and toss the rest.  The new project is to give my Pastor Danny Chambers one prophetic message each week from Father God, along with a letter from me, for church growth.  The series is to be 50 prophecies over 50 weeks, and I have now received and typed the first four of them.  I also send copies of them to about a dozen other pastors.  These will all be put into book form, titled, “Church Growth My Father God’s Way,” and will go out to help many other pastors with their church growth, in these last days before Jesus comes for the rapture.  Joy!

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